New Diagnosis

Hi, about 2 years ago, I started having what I thought was vertigo due to a possible sinus infection. Strange sensations in the center of my forehead with a spinning like feeling. After experiencing sensations of water being poured over my head I decided to see a doctor. (on a side note- I also developed tiny muscle tics all over by body. head, leg, feet, hands etc) I was cleared of a sinus infection and told it was possibly sesonal allergies. I was given a kenalog? shot and sent home.

I continued to have the reoccuring issues for several months later, when I finally told my NP (that was treating my anxiety) these things had not gone away. She recommended I see a Neurologist. I then under went a 2 hour sleep dep study. The Neuro told me I have episodes typical of clonic tonic seizures and I am just short of being diagnosed with Narcolepsy.

This Neuro proceeded to overdose me at toxic levels on Depacote. While it did stop the sensations and slow the tics, I was toxic. Several med changes later I went for a second opinion at MINCEP. There I stated for 10 days with an EEG. They did everything they could to try and get an event out of me. But NOTHING!!!

All They could tell me is that I have a abnormal eeg reading in my left temporal lobe. I have never had any head injuries or prior seizures. So, I continue to take Lamictal (which keeps the sensations at 0 and the ticks at mild - Which drives me insane) for a diagnosis that Neuros just won't quit give me.

Please...... Help me. Am I on the right path? Any advice or similar experiences would help. I feel so alone and depressed. I understand this is minor to other people but I am so tired and scared.

Other Symptoms- Severe Memory Loss ( I put the milk in the cupboard), I have a hard time spelling easy words (pardon any spelling mistakes), cordination is not as good as it used to be. These all got worse when the symptoms started.