New & Confused

Hi I was hoping someone might be able to help shed some light onto my situation. I had my first seizure this past Saturday while at work. My head started to feel fuzzy and I knew something was wrong then the right side of my mouth locked up. And that's the last I remember until being in the back of the ambulance. My boss said I fell on the floor and my eyes rolled back in my head. After getting to the hospital the same thing happened where I went fuzzy and my jaw locked. And apparently I had a third seizure which I do not remember. I had a ct scan, EEG, EKG, and MRI. Every test I had came back negative and I was told basically the electrolytes were off in my head, possibly from not eating for a long period or something. I wasn't actually given an official diagnosis. I am on meds for the foreseeable future and can't drive. But I want to know is this a common diagnosis? And the day after the seizures I felt pretty normal. But now a few days later I feel weird. I feel kind of spaced out and sometimes I feel like I might get that fuzzy feeling again but then it goes away. Is it normal to feel like this? When will I go back to "normal"? If anyone could shed some light onto the situation I would appreciate it.