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I went to the doctor today for some unrelated tests due to my asthma being really bad. I reported about last night where I stood up to get something and the next thing I new I opened my eyes and I was lying on the ground. I was alert and aware able to hear the tv and didn't feel confused at all. However, when I tried to get up my body felt like it weighed a ton. I tried moving my fingers, my head, my legs ... nothing moved. I started to get scared when I kept trying to no avail. I couldn't move to get help or anything. It was really frightening. After what seemed like forever I was able to move my legs, them my fingers, them my arm and then my head and finally able to get up. I felt really tired after this and had a horrible headache. The time I was on the floor was about 15 minutes as my show had just started when I stood up before falling. I thought I had passed out, but my doctor said this did not sound like simple fainting. She asked me if I experienced confusion, loss of hearing, or any of that and I said no. . I just couldn't move. She said it sounded more like a seizure than fainting. She asked me for my history if I had ever had a seizure and I said yes, as a child up until tenth grade. I was never taken to a doctor and never tested. They just went away on their own. At least I thought they did. I have passed out so many times in the past due to low blood sugar as I am hypoglycemic but I do know with those times I felt confused and all but was able to move and respond. In this case I couldn't. I was with someone for 3 years and she told me on many occassions I would trance out. I would just sit and stare and she couldn't get me out of it. She would pinch me, clap her hands, step on my foot and nothing would bring me out of it. At some point I would just "come to" and act like nothing ever happened. I have read this website after my doctor saying she thought it may have been a seizure and realized trancing with no ability to respond, not being able to move, and other things like that do sound very similar to what I have experienced. I am just wondering should I be worried about this? Do you think based on what I told you that it could be seizures?? I always thought seizures were when you drop to the ground and start convulsing violently and lose consciousness. Although I had convulsions as a child, this has not happened to me as an adult. I figured I had grown out of them... I am starting to wonder now. :(


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There are many different types of seizures. The more familiar ones are the grand mals(falling), complex partial (staring), simple partial,...It sounds like it could be a seizure. But get your blood sugar level, sodium level, vit b, B complex, iron, calcium, vit d, and magnesium. For all those can cause a seizure. It is important to get those checked in order to make sure what the problem is.

RE: never been diagnosed

I thought this would be more helpful for you. Approach Support Group