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Hi there. New to all of this-- My 4yo son is having an EEG on Wed

I don't know if this is where I belong or not... I am trying to sort this all out.

I brought my 4yo son Anthony to a pedi neurologist last week hoping to find out exactly what is going on with him. We knew he had Sensory Integration issues already (sensory seeker). She confirmed that and says that he has definitely neurological impairment, the root of everything is neurological... (SID, hypotonia, oral motor, apraxia etc). Anyway while in the office, Anthony stared off blankly and didn't respond to her right away. She thinks he may be having seizure activity and he's having an EEG on Wednesday. If it comes back abnormal, then she said he needs to come in right away, I think for meds. If the EEG is normal, then she said he still has neurological impairment, just that you can't see on the EEG.

He has tics, which the school OT thought was stimming due to his sensory issues. The neuro says it is not stimming but tics. He had LOTS of eye blinking for 8 months or so and then stopped for a month or two. The blinking came back almost 2 weeks ago, along with a vocal tic. He also does something with his tongue/lips too now. She did not bring up Tourette's so I assumed it was not suspected. But now I'm starting to think that even if he is having seizures, he may still have Tourette's. I can't really find info on kids with epilepsy having vocal tics. Based on his motor AND vocal tics, it looks like Tourette's. So now I am thinking maybe that she didn't bring up Tourette because they can only dx TS after a year of tics... will be a year in about September and that is when she said to go back (if the EEG is normal, if it's abnormal he goes back sooner).

I tried to take some video, either by hiding the camera or pretending to play with the camera, telling him I was trying to fix it or something. If he thinks I'm taking pictures, he'll say "Cheese!"

You can see blinking, lips/tongue, and when it's quiet enough (I have 3 kids in my house and a dog!) you can sometimes hear his vocal tic if you turn the speakers up. Here he is:

In the middle video especially, we notice he has some eye rolling. His eyes are sometimes in a different spot when he opens them.

If those don't work, try this address instead:
(might have to copy and paste links here? Not sure yet as I am new).

Also, I read something a mom had written about her son, saying "he wasn't having seizures at the time, but WAS having lots of activity".....

Now, based on that, could my son be having *activity* during all this blinking etc? My hubby was saying because the blinking is so frequent, it can't be seizures-- he can talk to us throughout all the blinking and seems to know what is going on etc. I see what he is saying but even said to him before, maybe it is activity. Then I read what the other mom said and thought maybe that could be right...? Maybe sometimes he does stare off for a couple seconds (absence seizures) and otherwise, in between is a lot of "activity"? If that sounds stupid, please excuse my ignorance, as I'm new to all this! ;)

Also, during the EEG... if he's having activity, would that show on the EEG, or would it have to be an actual seizure to show? I don't know a lot about this.

Can kids with Epilepsy have vocal tics??? That mom I mentioned before mentioned automatisms that can look like tics?? I don't know much about that though.

Any thoughts or advice?? I'd really appreciate any and all thoughts.

Thanks so much! :)



I'm sorry but I dont think I well be much help.My daughter has a couple of different types of seizures and her test come out normal.It has been explained to me that the test can come out normal if there is no seizure activity going on during the test.So yes it is possible to have normal EEGs but to still have seizures.Also she has been seen by the ped for having seizure activity without actually having a seizure.(this is alittle hard to explain).The constant blinking is a sign of a neruological disorder wiether it be seizures or caused by something else.I had a friend with TOURETTES and your describtion of your son sounds very similar to what I have seen with my friend.I hope you are able to get some answers soon.

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