families & follow up

I am  at a lost as to wether I should  following up with a neurologists either with psychiatrist/ psychologists. My family is pressuring me to have one, mainly my mother. I have regretted saying anything about seizures since March 2013 

One I have a deep seated dislike of hospitals  and currently Any professional medical help unless I am blue ,bleeding horribly, or have broken bone . Other then that I have  tape ,ice packs and glue .

I am absolutely possed just pure anger over everything .

She reminds and tells me I have TBI ,Scar tissue ( lesions),and specks all over my brain from dye Mir  scarlois( scars) on smaller damaged left hippocampus

And I have been hit in the same head more f**king Times then I can count 

Then my mom tells me it's been like that for years and she's worried now whats that suppose to mean really

I mean everything is upside down for me , psychogenic non epileptic seizures are driving me 37 ways to poprocks on a stick Amusement bin

I am worn thin to the bone with what the hell ever these episodes . 5-7 days stuck in a room  hooked to wires with never ending noise and foot steps and running and that G*d alarm,no showers and questions and crap

And I get a psych referral  and a probable PNES . 

On record

Since then I had "one " seizure episode in the middle of class before end semester beyond words crazy angry

 I just do not see the point to any of it ,I don't care if I can legally drive or not

So should I just go  and see a doctor or not ?

I need biased and unbiased advice here because I am lost as hell.