I have had two normal EEGS but the doctor said that I have typical looking epileptic tonic-clonic seizures. So he gave me keppra and I haven't had a seizure on the medicine yet. Its been two weeks and I've only had one aura no seizure though. Can anyone explain to me what this means? So does this mean I am not have phychogenic seizures???


Re: EEGS????

If you haven't had any tonic/clonic seizures then the Keppra may be helping.  With the aura you had, it could be that either the Keppra hasn't reached a therpeutic level for you or that you might need an increase.

One thing I'd like to mention about Keppra is that if you can stay on the name brand, stick to it.  Some people have had some issues with switching to the generic.  If you are on the generic version, stay with the same manufacturer.  Going from one manufacturer to another one can cause variations in how your body metabolizes that particular manufacturer's drug.  Pharmacies can keep getting your specific meds especially if your doctor orders it as being a specific generic manufacturer.

As for psychogenic seizures?  Without knowing details if you were DX'd with this, I'd say the auras or simple partial seizures are just that and not psychogenic seizures.