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"Migraines are a vascular problem, but EEGs to not pick up or make any abnormal looking waves from a headache.  They don't detect ANY sort of blood flow, just electrical activity.  I am a lisenced EMT/RN who has worked in an EMU for 6 years, and EEGs DO NOT pick up headaches"Vascular problems do indeed show up on EEG, if blood flow is compromised - there are EEG changes.  If there is a vascular change affecting the blood flow, the neurons are deprived of oxygenized blood - thus cannot produce normal EEG waves, normal electrical impulses.   So electrical impulses DO depend on blood flow - and yes, true vascular migraines can be picked up on the EEG during an attack. Not between events unless there has been previous and permanent neuronal damage.Mexican Fire - check out EEG during stroke and vasospasm - both are vascular condition and both have EEG changes.Migraines are often misdiagnosed as epilepsy and vise versa.   


Still a little confused...not surprising if those in the 'know' not sure...I'm interested because daughter has epilepsy and headaches-migraines run in family and sometimes I have scorchers including tunnel vision, vomiting,tingling/numbness down arms, garbled speech. Interested in the defining line here.Daughter is photosensitive which causes myoclonus and very short eye-flutter. Son is dyslexic too by the way...what a family!Any more ideas?Thanks both of you.

Hi,I am not surprised you are confused. I was having trouble being diagnosed. The Jury was out whether I had a complex migraine or was having a stroke/or seizure. I finally had an episode infront of a doctor. Finally he diagnosed "Yep that was definately a seizure".Oops gotta go get my kid, I'll be back.Dayna

Interestingly enough there are a few more things an EEG can do like pick up imfor about areas of cognitive problems one is having by the brain wave activity of lack of. They are more usable than I thought until my Epileptologist arranged for me to have one for this exact purpose to find out problems I was experiencing in cognitive areas. I was surprised but they can. Technology is always learning more.

Epilepsy and Migranine are sort of the same. Epilepsy just gives you seizures. Dont know if they show up on the EEG. My sister has epilepsy and her husband has migranies. You put those two genes together and she has two daughters. One with epilepsy and one with migranies. It is like putting two parents with epilepsy together. I hope I explained that right.

Ellgee thanks for this information! EEGs are all so confusing and we do need accurate info to help figure it out. MY dd and I have migraines, she was having seizures for a brief time, now resolved. Her second EEG was abnormal, putting her on medication. Her first and third were normal....I appreciate having the facts to understand her situations and how EEG is and is not affected by migraine.

My son has had one possible migraine but many seizures. He has some abnormal and many normal EEGs because he has not ever had a seizure during testing.

Thanks again!

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