EEG XL Events and Spikes

Hi, thanks for reading.

 I have in my hands the "Patient Clinical History/Interpretation Information Form" from my EEG test, a 24-hour test for myself from that very strange alien hat experience performed about 4 months ago. 

Of course, my Neurologist looked this over and pronounced possible complex partial seizures, right temporal lobe seizures, complicated migraine.

I just wonder what kind of input I could receive from you guys, and hopefully any professional who reads over this, because I don't know what it means:


# of patient events: 45

# of XL Events: 1 (What is an XL Event, as opposed to a Spike?)

# of XL Spikes: 83


I am really tired of surfing the web, and seeing this information downplayed and normalized into "chewing" or whatever lame excuse people who aren't spasming 24/7 a day can think of to throw this information out.  It just boggles my mind how much more free information is out there that gives no credence to these numbers, or what really they could mean.

For people with epilepsy, can you share your experiences with your EEG Information, and how they reflected your experiences during the test?

 Thanks, and best to all!