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EEG Results - Help Please

Hi There,

I was hoping someone on here could help me better understand my results. I have a history of experiencing seizures where I have passed out (didn't not know they were seizures until about a month ago) and apparently a family history of seizure disorders through my paternal grandparents. I recently completed my eeg that stated there was a "paroxysmal nonepilitform disturbance of cerebral activity recorded"

During Hyperventilation: "evoked bursts of 2.5 Hz delta waves with diffuse distribution over both hemispheres, bilateral synchronmy and bifrontal amplitude predominance, lasting 2-3 seconds"

Has anyone every experineced this? Does anyone know what this means? I am scheduled for a sleep eeg in a few weeks, however doctors have advised that I should prepare for an epilepsy diagnosis and we are looking to see whether this is a lesion, migraine or seizure activity. Could this burst of deltawaves been from just being tired from the hyperventilating or is that a ridiculous conclusion to make? I do remember feeling during that portion of the eeg the similar feelings of my auras, my arm jerking and confusion after the test. Is there any special notes to make because they were predominately at the front and throughout my brain?

Thanks so much for your help. Still trying to wrap my head around everything.

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