E.E.G Report - TLE or Depression?

Hi,for years now I have been wondering about the results of an EEG I had done over 10 years ago. The test was needed because I had passed out and had a little seizure, this was wittnessed. I remember having two episodes when i was about 10, as I remember wetting myself. Further, while undergoing a liver biopsy, I also passout ( while laying flat) and had a seizure of about 30 sec. ( so the doc said).Anyway, could some one explain what the following means. Should I push to have another EEG done? Could the depression I suffer from be caused by TLE? "Report:Rhythmic alph activity at 9-10 Hz is symmetrical and normally responsive.Episodic slow and sharp wave discharges are seen. In the resting record they are left sided, being maximal in the temporal region. During overbreathing, the discharges increase in frequency and are often also seen on the right side.Photic stimulation evokes no abornalityConclusion:The record shows abnormal slow and sharp wave discharges with an emphasis on the left temporla region, and the record may well be inter-ictal."


RE: E.E.G Report - TLE or Depression?

Physicians differ in their interpetetions on EEG readings, also the quality of the EEG may give false readings due to misplaced electrodes or artifacts.   Some physicians tend to under read while others over read.  The best thing to do is discuss the findings you are questioning with your neurologist.

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thanks for your reply.I have discussed these result with the specialist when I had the eeg, over ten years ago. the specialist was very abrupt and had no interest in my questions re: the results. I thought this may have been because I was young!! Anyway, I do feel like a hypercondriac and don't want to hassel my gp about these results. I have had no passout spells for about 8 years, although I have been on Zoloft 150mg daily for PND for those years! I have always had feelings or dejavu and detachment from reality and have thought this just to the way I am. My concern is that if I do have TLE, which may be manifesting as depression etc., would it not be more appropriate to eliminate TLE as the cause first?Thanks PSWhat are my eeg waves suggestive of, assuming that there is no errors in placing the nodes etc.? PSSI will go and get this checked out further, as I was sent home from work the other day as one of my pupils (eye) was much more dilated than the other. 

RE: E.E.G Report - TLE or Depression?

There has been a lot of progress in EEG's and epilepsy diagnosis in ten years .I dont think its unreasonable to ask if you can have another EEG or certainly a referal for a second opinion with a specialist... particularly as you are having new spmptoms.Some specialists dont like to be questioned...I've had them too...some don't expect you to be very well informed. Keep pushing don't be afraid of them. Best wishes Deboarh