Hi. I just had an EEG done and it says that the background activity is 9 cycles per second, symmetrical, posterior dominant and partially attenuates with eye openings. It is of medium voltage. During brief periods of drowsiness and sleep, V-waves and sleep spindles were seen in symmetrical fashion. Durgin this recording, sharp waves were seen originating from the left tempoal area with phase reversal at T3. The photic stimulation done in step-wise fashion showed bilateral driving response.

Could somebody PLEASE tell me what this means? I don't understand one sentence of it. Thank you so much. Donna



i don't want you to feel ignored,  so i will just say i really don't know.  one of the things about eegs. the wave formation, and the same.  best advice talk to the doc.  ask all the qwestions, you can write down.  i am surprised that you were able to get the report in medical language.  makes me wonder.  talk to the docs,  he is the best one to connect the dots for you.  not much help, i know but at least someone is listening.   rikk


Rikk, thanks so much for letting me know that someone was listening out there. You're really does feel alone when you're first diagnosed and don't know anything about your tests. I guess I'll have to do some research on it although I haven't been successful so far. The reason I got the report in medical language is because I asked the doctors receptionist for a copy of the tests. The doctor heard me ask her and he didn't seem to care.

Anyway, I hope we can talk again! Thanks, Donna


Doctor usually states the interpretation at the end of the EEG.  The background is normal in the alpha range which 8-13 cycles per second and yours was in that range at 9 which indicates that you were at a normal range at the awake state in your background activity.  You had symmetrical waves and when your eyes open your back ground waves attenuate or get smaller, which is normal.  It is medium voltage and that is great.  You got drowsy and you had the normal waves of 1st and 2nd stage of sleep. 

During the recording sharp waves were seen originating from the left temporal lobe area at T3 indicating a phase reversal.  If that is all that it said that is what I would interpret.  I personally would have to see it myself to be sure of the interpretation.

The Photic Stimulation was normal


The T3 would be indicative of an EEG abnormality but the interpretor would be the one stating it. Indicating a seizure focus or encephalopathy to be further proven w/ other tests.    The Neurologist who has had the training is the official who would be the one to tell you the officially or your personal doctor that ordered it.


Toni, thank you so much for your detailed explanation. One thing does puzzle me. I happen to have cirrhosis of the liver from hep c and my hepatologist told me I have encephalopathy because of my liver not being able to process the toxins in my body properly.

You stated that the EEG could be interpreted as me having encephalopathy.  How is one to know which of the problems I'm having?  My neurologist was fully aware of my liver problem. At the end of the EEG report it say:

Interpretation: It is an abnormal EEG because of the prescense of sharp waves seen over the left temporal area. These should be considered as a potential for epileptiform discharges. So what do you think? I would truly appreciate your attention again. Thanks so much.  Donna


Again I personally did not see your EEG and I can not say anything.  I would speak to your doctor about it.  An abnormal EEG is something they will keep in mind and may test you for other things.  The fact the Neurologist is aware of your cirrhosis, be glad the doctor is being careful and checking everything out. An abnormality on a EEG doesn't mean that you are abnormal.  In my class we did EEG's on ourselves and found out that abnormalities are common, it depends if the patient has complaints or symptoms on how the doctor proceeds.  One of the students had a focus and she had no symptoms and she is a great Neurologist.  Her EEG was abnormal,  with a slowing noted in her left parietal location.  She is a great speaker and has no physical problems.  It was just her brain's key signature.  She had a MRI. It was normal She also had several other tests.  She has no health problems. She has worked in the field for 28 years.  Each patient is individually different that is why you need to speak to your individual doctor.