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I'm very new to this forum and am seeking advice. I've already had one appointment with my neurologist, EEG, cat scan,  blood work, MRI, echo and a holter monitor. All results came back normal. My next appointment with my neurologist is on Monday. I've been prescribed ativan. It seems to not help. 
My issues with possible seizures started July 2013. I was slipped a drug and overdosed. I was eventually taken to a hospital 12hrs later. Ever since then I've had health problems. I do not use drugs and hardly drink. I'm a 33yr old female. 
The first time I had a possible seizure came 3mths after the overdose. I was alone on an elevator and passed out. Got very hot, shaking and cold sweats. My stomach was very upset and I became tired afterwards. 
The second seizure I believe was in my sleep. 
The third was similar to the first. I passed out and remember shaking, pounding in my head and stomach was messed up. 
Since the first three seizures I no longer pass out but am aware. My jaw during the day is super tight and I just feel out of it. Then when it hits me I get little jerky movements. My back arches and tingles go up and down my body. My face feels as if someone is pressing down on me. My pupils are dilated. 
about three months ago I had an experience that just wouldn't let up and was taken to the er. The dr gave me ativan. 
I then made an appointment with my neurologist. All test are normal. But my boyfriend who lives with me definately knows something is not right. My dr first said I might be having panic attacks. I never feel panic though. My foot, hand, and face twitch. Again, my pupils are dilated.  
Recently I've had no energy and am usually very active. I'll be super tired at night. Immediately when I go to bed I'll start getting strange tingles and then start a dream. In my dreams I know I'm having a seizure. I can feel my body twitch. I can feel my breathing change. I've even called out my boyfriends name for help. He says whenever this happens I'm only asleep for 10mins and I'm either shaking a bit in my sleep or moaning. I can feel myself having them. Once I alert my body to wake I'm not able to speak for a few minutes. I'm very confused when awake. 
I keep asking my boyfriend am I just imagining this happening. My body does not feel normal. The ativan doesn't seem to make a huge difference if I take it or not. It's a benzo so I don't want to be addicted to it.    
If you have similar symptoms or any advice I'd greatly appreciate it. It's very scary not knowing. 

thank you for taking time to read my story. 


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