Can Dystonia cause seizures? What is the relationship between these conditions?

Yesterday I visited an epileptologist and he said that I my epilepsy may be caused by Dystonia. He said that since my myoclonic seizures are so generalized, especially since I have shaking in both hands as well as many different forms of seizures (petit mal, tonic-clonic, partial-complex, and atonic) that my case was different from a different type of seizure patient.

Has anybody ever heard or know anybody who could help me with this? I have been scouring the Internet but there hasn't been anything that I can find. Help!



I do not know the relationship...if any.  My daughter (10) has DRD form of dystonia (dx with genetic testing) and myoclonic epilepsy (diagnosed with an videoEEG).  Both were diagnosed in 2009.  So she twitches/jerks and some are from the dystonia and some are the epilepsy (early morning usually).  Her pediatric neuro. believes they are two unrelated cases but it is interesting to think of the correlation.  Best Wishes to you.


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Paroxysmal exercise-induced dystonia or PED is a rare
neurological disorder characterized by sudden, transient, involuntary
movements, often including repetitive twisting motions and painful
posturing triggered by exercise or other physical exertion. PED is in the class ccna 640-801 exam of paroxysmal dyskinesia which are a group of rare movement disorders characterized by attacks of hyperkinesis with intact consciousness. The term paroxysmal indicates that the episodes are sudden and short lived and usually unpredicted, and return to normal is rapid.[1] The number of reported cases of people with PED is very small leading to difficulty in studying and classifying this disease and most studies are limited to a very small number of test subjects.

re: Dystonia and Epilepsy

Hi Michael

My daughter was diagnosed as having spasmodic torticollis dystonia by a Peadiatric Neurologist 18 months ago, aged just 6 months, she had been having "episodes" or leans as we call them since being able to hold her head, these are usually accompanied by side effects such as projectile vomiting (or choking on reflux when she was a babe in arms) and petit mals. 

Her Neurologist has confirmed that the petit mals are linked with her Dystonic episodes/Dystonia but no relationship has been discussed as yet.  Another Peadiatric Neurologist has informed me that both Epilepsy and Dystonia are a side effect of something else; however, having had MRI's and head X-rays nothing has been flagged as being the route cause (i.e. no brain damage etc...).

So in answer to your question, yes there is a link but I'm not sure as yet what the link is appart from it being a neurological one.  However, watch this space as we see the Peadiatric Nuerologist on 20.09.10


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Can Dystonia cause seizures?relationship between these condition

hi have you found anything more on this, it sounds simular to what im going through myself, 2 1/2 years later and no diagnosis. seizures that leave me disfigured and my body trunk twisted for anything from 30 mins to 4 days after a seizure or cluster of them, all i do know is my right eye is completely shut and after botox there is less pain and less seizures for up to 6 weeks definatly not as violent? hence dystonia and epilepsya possibility! mine was triggered from a fall. how did everyone else start thanks kerry


Re: Can Dystonia cause seizures?

Hi, funny, my doctors cannot give me a diagnose, they still aren't sure, what I have: epilepsy or dystonia.... My 'episodes' can be triggered by 50 hrz, patterns or sunlight through trees etc. so they thougth it might be epilepsy. After looking at the videos, they think it could be dystonia. But I contract rhytmic (only my right part of body), about every 5 seconds when I have an episode, which can last up to 45 minutes, while remaining conscious. Because the conctrations hurt, they told me it couldn't be dystonia (??). Because of my goosebumps in patterns on both sides of my body, they thougt it could be epilepsy... so, they don't know...EEG does show abnormal activity on the left side of brain. I think I may have a combination... They explaned to my, the symptoms i'me having are coming from deep in my brain, so that could explain why I experience both... . Good luck to you.
Love from Holland.