Can 2 Back to Back (within 1 hour) Seizures really be classified as 2 unprovoked separate seizures?

Hi there- about a month ago I had a tonic-clonic/grand mal seizure while sleeping. My boyfriend woke up and, having had a college roommate who had epilepsy, recognized it and called 911. Once at the hospital and hooked up to fluids ( max - 45 minutes later, but I was still asleep so I am not 100% sure) I had a second tonic-clonic seizure. I remember waking up after and being told I had had a second- but my memory is very spotty. Both seizures took place while I was sleeping and I have been on anti-seizure medication since that day so, as far as I have noticed, I have not had a seizure since that day. The ER actually blamed my seizure on a low sodium level (of 1 point below normal - which my neurologist laughed at when I told her). But, since they were technically 2 separate seizures they are are treating these as two separate, unprovoked incidents. 

My MRI and CT Scan came back clear but my EEG came back with what my Dr called 'slow waves' (this test was done while I was taking 1000MG of Keppra AND was starting to wean onto Trokendi XR 50MG due to the awful side effects I was having with the Keppra).  She didn't provide me any specifics other then that -not location in the brain or what this was officially/medically called - if anything - it felt vague and has led me to schedule a second opinion for two weeks from now with another doctor. She did say that she believes it ties back to a car accident that I had when I was 15 (which was 15 years ago). At the time- I did not have any head trauma I was aware of, however the accident was severe, the airbags did deploy, the car flipped,  and I did have a small cut and large bruising on my face. I was not aware that something from so long ago could cause seizures- let alone seizures that could possibly be recurring.  I am going for my second opinion soon but I was curious if anyone had any similar experiences- my biggest question right now is around whether there is any way to tell if these seizures are something that are going to be recurring or if they could have been a one time thing? Does thee EEG Being abnormal confirm this? ( I tried asking my Dr. and she wouldn't directly answer any of my question- again- hence the second opinion). 

I've never had to take medication before, so I am currently struggling with the side effects of having to take the Trokendi daily. I don't like the idea of staying on a drug for 3-5 years to stay seizure free to then wean off of it.... just to see if I have a seizure 3-5 years from now. Not sure I understand the difference from doing it then or now - especially when the first and only two happened so close to each other.  

I hope this all makes sense and thank you in advance for any thoughts you may have.