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i have been told by the neuro that he would like to do a 3 day eeg. he didn't say but do they normally do that at home or in hospital?Thanks


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I probably shouldn't be posting yet because my AEDs are not yet "fully engaged" but hope this makes sense.It could be either. I've had both multiple times. An AEEG or Ambulatory EEG is worn as you go about your daily activities and you're asked to keep a log of what you do, and make notes if you notice sz activity. Example: I complained that talking on the phone caused me to START having clustering absences. I couldn't figure out why this always occurred and nearly got a phone phobia, could barely make myself answer the phone when it rang thinking - oh great now I'll start clustering with absences! I actually asked people not to call me and stopped answering the phone nearly entirely. Who wants to start having clustering absences? But? That was not so I found out during the AEEG. What was found during the AEEG was that I was already doing that BEFORE the phone rang but it was more apparent when I tried to talk to someone. Phone conversations would be a thing more often seen in a home setting or captured by AEEG vs VEEG. Rationale for AEEG IOW. I'm better now but I rarely knew when I was having absences, only that I lost blocks of times. That was one of the benefits of the AEEG for me. Clustering of any type of sz is dangerous thus that info gained was valuable, then known, and I was assisted in how to be aware I was clustering with absences and what to do. Also? The reason I had multiple AEEGs was to see how photoconvulsive I am in my every day life (very), to establish what triggers off my photoconvulsiveness (about everything and too much to list here), do I have other triggers since I sz so much (positive and informative), and to attempt to get information about nocturnal sz's in my normal environment (noted the sz's but not what type on an AEEG). However, as explained to me, I had several 24 hour periods of doing the AEEG because, for instance, a day of shopping is much different than a full day at home. And? The reason explained to me too was that it is established that stress is a big trigger for me, but how big a trigger, what kind of every day stressors (stress is different for us all day to day and would be more apparent if AEEGs were spaced out and not concurrent days in a row), and were there other triggers (confirmed that if my blood sugar dips at all I sz) and this was found out by spacing out multiple AEEGs for 24 hour periods. I guess then I would say several were done to take random samplings of a day in the life of - me. I hope that explains why wearing an AEEG for 3 consecutive days wouldn't be as helpful as for instance 3 days with wide spacing doing different activities in my home life. My AEEGs were always for a 24 hour period only and honestly? I think that's about all I could take but I'm a woose at times too. I've not known anyone else to wear an AEEG for longer than 24 hours either. As I typed that I can see some possible reasons for wearing an AEEG for longer than 24 hours, it's a possibility some people have then, but I've not known of anyone who has but I haven't spoken to THAT many people who have worn them.Your head is wired up, you wear the EEG at all times (right, VERY comfortable - not) and at least in my case I wore a little box on my belt with wires coming from the electrodes on my head (getting the picture here?) where information was stored, later retrieved and analyzed I assume with the notes I took. My b*tch about an AEEG is that my head gets massively itchy, it's not comfortable to be trying to do my activities of daily living wired up and trying to not dislodge any electrodes with a box on my belt and it's very hard to sleep wearing this box on your hip if you roll over onto the box. I understand there is a new kind of "glue" used now though that actually does wash out of your hair in less than a few weeks, isn't as itchy. But if I ever have one again? I'm asking for VERY long wires so I can escape that box when I'm trying to sleep (I'm giving you a hint).A VEEG is done in the hospital, in a specialized unit, often referred to as an EMU, which is a video EEG or VEEG. In this test a video is taken of you at all times (not in the bathroom which was a little fear of mine before hand). You are also wired up to an EEG at all times. Any sz activity is then video taped and can be matched with the concurrently running EEG. My doctor got a lot of information from my VEEGs. A VEEG, at least to my knowledge and I've had 3 done, are not given a time limit. The VEEG is completed when enough information is obtained. For instance on my first I started sz'ing right off with jerks and absences and I was totally unaware of it, first info gained, and my doctor wanted an ictal spect done, which is timed during a sz, but he was not happy with the results because I went status which was more important to treat and stop than obtaining an ictal spect (it's also hard for the staff to coordinate the sz and CT scan during an ictal spect) so I repeated the VEEG. I'm extremely photoconvulsive, tend to go status with drops that secondize into TCs, and in my first VEEG, easy to sz me, didn't sz or more to the point didn't drop I thought for 1/2 of a day so as said before I was easily stimulated to do so, later my doctor wanted drops to occur on their own, so I had a second one. The first VEEG lasted less than 24 hours and was aborted early because of the status sz. They did get some valuable information but needed more, thus I had 2 others. I was surprised, very surprised, finding out from this test how many absences, jerks, simples, other sz's, auras, I had in a day but found out from the VEEG but that information was also gained from an AEEG except in a VEEG and it's just my opinion, but the same information gained in a VEEG was more reliable because it could be matched with observation of me by video, analyzed professionally, and not just my assessment by my notations and not professionally observed. I had the 2nd and 3rd in part also because I had been doing some odd things, didn't know why. Hiding things or putting things away in odd places and later not remembering where. Winding up in a room and not remembering how I got there or why I did go in there (I was having CPs). Loosing blocks of time is a real problem for me weekly (found clustering absences). Other things occurring in my life without explanation, until the VEEG was done, I was observed, the EEG showed sz activity while concurrently the sz was observed, and we all got the answers thus my treatment program was changed, enhanced. The VEEG captured my actions concurrently with sz activity and explained all of this to me. I am not, I stress not an expert on either of these tests. I'm actually an RN, but not in neurology. It's gasping how little I knew/know about neurology as an RN but it's because I believe too nursing knowledge is now so vast, it's very compartmentalized. When I could work I was in labor and delivery for years and ages and we were trained to know only what we needed to know for that area of medicine, which ain't much. However for whatever the reason with all the testing I've had done I remain a real ostrich. I tend to stick my head in the sand and just say - DO IT! I don't want tons of "patient teaching", I want it over with! I know that is a horrid attitude and I don't preach anyone else be like this, please note. I think this is also called a "fraidy cat" - LOL. ANYHOO, another problem. I was having a few absences during a phone conversation with a new local neuro, absences always tends to screw up a phone conversation particularly if you don't know you are having them which is usual for me. This was not my epileptologist who I've moved away from but am still seeing as it turns out. She fired me after one visit because she ordered an AEEG after seeing me in the office one time where I had 3 sz's I known of (it was an over hour long visit though and one sz was in the waiting room). I called her and questioned - isn't that enough information and why can't she use what's already been done so why do another AEEG? I saw no reason for the test. I'm well documented on sz activity. She had observed 3 sz's, 2 kinds, in her office, I felt she routinely ordered AEEGs on many patients too. My question then to her office via phone was: what is the rationale for doing yet again another AEEG, and unknown fully to me at that time I was clustering with absences which meant that probably wasn't the best of phone conversations. I wasn't refusing, note. But nothing in my treatment program can be changed. Why do a test that only satisfies curiosity (which I think I did blurt out which might be construed as "offensive") and I was fired. To be honest? She's a good doctor I've heard but if she is THAT skin thinned? She's not a good doctor for me - which is a side note.I haven't heard of an AEEG lasting for 3 days. That's only my experience and those of a few others. I haven't heard of a VEEG planned for a set period of time either tho. A VEEG lasts until the information needed is obtained. So in answer to your question? LOL - I guess I don't know!Did that help? I started out this post thinking I was going to help you out but I guess what I've done is confuse your issues? I hope not. I hope I gave you some information that can guide you.Good luck! (Hint: if the glue is itchy? I put Benadryl cream around those areas. Best ask first tho. I didn't ask but it didn't seem to screw the results but then - who knows. I had a don't ask I won't tell attaitude about Benadryl cream usage! The old glue they used made me extremely itchy tho and 24 hours of an itchy head - was not fun!)Good luck!

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Hi,Mine was at the hospital and to be perfectly honest...it sucked!!  Got a lot of answers though.  Good luckStella