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Created By: Bedge | 2010-09-08 12:29 | 1356 Views | 6 Comments

Hidden and Dark

I have never divulged the darkness of my mind.
It’s like a deep dark secret,
A secret I didn’t dare define.

‘Are you suicidal?’
I was asked so many...

Created By: Bedge | 2010-09-06 11:29 | 832 Views | 3 Comments

Me and E makes three.


There’s me, there’s E and someone else in-between.

That’s three.

Once there was just me.

And then there was E...

Created By: Bedge | 2010-09-02 22:28 | 1324 Views | 7 Comments

My first stab at 'writing', if you can call it that!


It wasn’t my life.

It didn’t belong to me.

My mind and the world,

Were so foreign to me.

Created By: snowwoman | 2010-06-19 11:38 | 574 Views | 0 Comments

I saw this on the internet, in a blog called E. is for Epilepsy, by Paula Apodaca ( Just had to share this...

Created By: rocket man | 2010-05-31 12:32 | 1296 Views | 2 Comments

There are several classical composers, including the ones mentioned in the title. My question is where is the proof that they did indeed have epilepsy, and is there any proof as to whether or not...

Created By: Conting | 2010-05-19 03:22 | 462 Views | 0 Comments

I found this poem from when i first found out I had epilepsy. I was diagnosed freshman year of highschool and now i just finished my first year of college. its amazing how my opinion has changed...

Created By: suzieqs | 2010-05-10 08:05 | 718 Views | 1 Comment

Frozen In Time

I cannot speak, I cannot move
I can only watch and listen
While others 'round me frantically
fear the worst to me has happened

Please! I scream...

Created By: staygolden | 2010-02-17 05:25 | 630 Views | 0 Comments

I just recently started experiencing seizures at the age of 25. I will turn 27 March 3rd. I know my grandpa has turret's syndrome and epilepsy as well. I don't know if being genetically...

Created By: gogirl | 2009-11-03 08:33 | 576 Views | 1 Comment

Hello Ladies!

I need women to email me and tell me their epilepsy story, esp. if you have had surgery. And if you had Dr. Devinsky and Dr. Doyle and surgery, that would be even better. I...

Created By: BrandonL | 2009-10-14 15:47 | 5023 Views | 6 Comments


I'm considering getting a tattoo.  I want to get something to show my support, or symbolize my fight with epilepsy.  I don't want any words, just images or symbols or something. ...

Created By: kimvdr | 2009-08-20 15:53 | 1408 Views | 5 Comments

Hi... I'm a mom of a 14year old.  He had his first seizure June 5 in the evening playing a laptop game...

He has had 6 more seizures over the summer.  The 3 have been the last 3...

Created By: Tanikkab | 2009-07-24 13:54 | 1184 Views | 0 Comments


Created By: gherkin | 2009-06-22 07:12 | 874 Views | 3 Comments

My first seizure occurred, I was sixteen years old, They said it could be Epilepsy, i felt so very cold. Seizures came fast and not far between, So ashamed, never wanted to be seen, Very hard to...

Created By: gherkin | 2009-06-22 06:52 | 675 Views | 1 Comment

A drunk man in an Oldsmobile
They said had run the light
That caused the six-car pileup
On 109 that night.

When broken bodies lay about
And blood was everywhere,...

Created By: StaceyM | 2009-05-15 18:36 | 518 Views | 0 Comments

Hi, all.

This story was in my local on-line newspaper. A young poet passed away after she stopped taking her meds -- they interfered with her ability to concentrate on her writing.


Created By: teener | 2009-04-18 20:28 | 1271 Views | 5 Comments

I tried to find the words in my mind, but I could not seem to write them on the stone. I looked at you, but I saw...

Created By: teener | 2009-04-18 20:27 | 690 Views | 1 Comment

Thanks for reading :) 

Created By: Future13 | 2009-03-04 00:06 | 405 Views | 0 Comments

Hi, I'm new to this site overall.  After reading some of the poems I decided I'd post one of my own.  It's short, but I like it.  So, here it goes.

 The Sound of Epilepsy


Created By: Future13 | 2009-03-03 23:58 | 391 Views | 0 Comments

Hi, I'm new to this whole site.  I wrote a poem the other day, and just thought I'd post it up here after reading some of the others.  It's short, but I think it works.



Created By: Future13 | 2009-03-03 23:57 | 396 Views | 0 Comments

Hi, I'm new to this whole site.  I wrote a poem the other day, and just thought I'd post it up here after reading some of the others.  It's short, but I think it works.