Some Poems


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I’m wasting too much time

Counting pills and spending dimes

Convincing myself that I belong

Telling the world there’s nothing wrong


I’m organized no doubt

But I take the long route

The more complicated the scam

The more brilliant I am


I hold on to the remote control

And it sure has taken its toll

Orange bottles in a line

Keep telling me I’m not fine


The grass hasn’t been green

Since the river was clean

Who will now mend

Our most overlooked friend


And the sky is still blue

But the sun became two

One bathed us all

The other made us fall


The bells sure did ring

And the rebel band did sing

But we stayed in the kitchen

So no one could listen


I looked up to the sky

And I wanted to fly

But that’s how I found

Myself tangled and bound

No longer alone when I’m by myself

A voice that comforts and corrupts is with me

It’s been a visitor for a while but I didn’t notice

I still don’t acknowledge it to a degree


Why did it come to buzz in my head

To tell me what I should and shouldn’t consider

It has kept me quiet, distant, and unfriendly

Unloyal, untruthful and also bitter


Then I told someone because I was scared

But I regret speaking it out loud

It’s telling me I should hate myself

Hate all the strangers in the crowd


I pushed away my closest friends

To save them from my defeated eyes

I miss them dearly but it doesn’t matter

They pass like clouds do in the skies


The tasks seems so helpless today

I’m so far down should I even try climbing out

How will they ever forgive me now

When all I’ve done is be silent and shout


Still they fight for what is right

The true heroes of our short but sweet time

But the wall I’ve built around myself

Is just too high for them to climb


I’ll go to bed and wake up again

Every day until it ends

My art is gone from my hands and heart

But I will still have my friends


My memories I have fake or real

Help me hold onto the place I’m in

I need to know where that place is

Maybe one day I’ll finally win




I don’t want to speak

I don’t want to listen

I don’t want anything


Alone in my room

My home

My cocoon


Or under the table

I’m sturdy

And able


To be alone


Sometimes I forget where I am

Even while I’m sitting there




Out again last night

I stayed out of sight

Hiding from everything bright


The shadows they cried

When I tried to hide

Begging to let them inside


They were calm and kind

I went along for the ride

And they drove me out of my mind


Tomorrow is coming

But I’ll keep on running

To stop it from catching me


I don’t want to go home

I can make it on my own

Just please leave me alone


Lonely quiet and still

Is the way I get my thrill

And everything is under the mill


If you try and get me today

You won’t be able to pull me away

For I am here in the dark night to stay





Out of my mind

I went outside

My cold feet roamed around


Out of the light

And into the night

Deeper, and deeper I drown


The world sure did change

Slightly rearranged

But never was I bent


Everything I feared

Slowly disappeared

So deeper, and deeper I went


I left everything behind

And all you can find

Is a body paler then most


Out of your reach

And ignoring your speech

Deeper, and deeper I coast


I’m just rolling around

All over the ground

But never did I call


Now you can’t see me

And I’m finally free

So deeper, and deeper I fall


Suddenly, I feel so alone

And I’m tired, I just want to go home

It’s too dark to see, it’s not right for me

But the rope is gone, I can’t hold on


A face shedding tears

Slowly appears

You sit down at my side


I take your hand

You help me to stand

You tell me I don’t have to hide





I never learned how to draw the line

How to stand out, how to shine

All I had with me turned to stone

Cut through my skin, reach the bone


All my colors turned to black

Will the rainbow ever come back?

I try to listen but you won’t speak

I would stand up, but I’m too weak


All alone where nothing matters

Everything I love, torn in tatters

Sleepless nights and endless days

Can’t unlock my insensible gaze


It’s all too much at one time to bear

And what’s worse, no one will care

I can’t even listen when I try

My voice is silent, my throat is dry


Where does this leave me tonight?

Lost in shadows, out of sight?

Numbing fingers and itchy feet

Bare and cold on the concrete


So why won’t anyone reach out a hand?

Doesn’t anyone out there understand?

Don’t leave me here to loose my mind

Please, just don’t leave me behind






I look at pictures of my self

And wonder who it is

I don’t remember smiling

Looking happy to be alive


The mirror gives me no smiling face

No confidence or encouragement

I want to be back in those pictures

So I could be immortally cheerful


I cry at night to help me sleep

I cry in the morning to get awake



It seems my mind is never settled

I regret every decision I’ve ever made

I’ve been called crazy and troubled

My soul is one to be saved


Racing, running, rushing,

So much more in on the line

Standing up and always spinning

And all this time I say “I’m fine.”










Re: Some Poems

well teener,  again all i can say is thanks.  rikk