A Poem



The following poem I, Greg Van De Moortele wrote for both new and long term patients to inspire them to not give up hope, and fight the battle with epilepsy to the end.

The Fighter

As the fighter enters the ring

Several thoughts race through their minds

What are they now facing

Putting their previous fights behind.

When diagnosed with Epilepsy

That patient enters the ring

Their fight now commences

Awaiting what it will bring.

The fighter wins round one

Placing points on their card.

They accept their condition

Knowing the future may be hard.

The first medication fails

Giving the opponent round two.

Advice, and support in their corner

Allows the fighter to continue.

Rounds three through six

Are all considered a draw.

Each medication did assist,

But each one had their flaws.

During the seventh round

The fighter lets down his guard

A large seizure has occurred

Hitting the patient very hard.

Things begin to brighten

Throughout rounds eight and nine.

No seizures have taken place

During this stretch of time.

Now begins the final round,

One of many bouts,

It falls to the judges scorecards

But it was a win without doubt.

When a medication is tried

But does not succeed

Consider that round a draw

And continue to proceed.

To be titled champion

The patient is completely seizure free.

Whether it be controlled by medication

Or cured by surgery.

This is everyone's goal

Neurologists and patients alike,

But until that day arrives

You must persist in your fight.