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Personal EEG machine

I think it would be cool to have my own EEG machine so I could monitor my brainwaves at home. Of course I would still see a doctor, but I think a personal EEG could be helpful for me. I have TLE and sometimes my seizures cause intense anxiety and I always think I am dying from a stroke or what not. I think that being able to see the seizure may make the whole experience less terrifying. I don't know where I could purchase a machine or if it would even be financially reasonable. Does anybody have any ideas on where I could find one for a reasonable cost or if this is even a good idea? Thanks for the input.



 Have you looked at Neuropace ! That device electronically will reduce seizure activity as well as an EEG too !!! When you have one installed active , it also records information as an EEG into a laptop you would bring home with it. Then your neurologist and you constantly keep records between the laptop and him at the hospital. There is a wand that you get with Neuropace that makes adjustments by you at home from the neurologist at the hospital to reduce seizure activity as seeing needed by this device. You just wave the wand around your head after an EEG and or seizure both are recorded. Adjustments can be made without leaving home and your seizure was recorded in the laptop. I waiting to have the approval to have one installed in my left temporal lobe, it will also give me a chance to reduce the 6500 mgs AEDs I take per day :( .  It's something similar but probably a little more in DEPTH than what you had in mind though. The temporal lobes are tough to locate and narrow down the activity with surface electrodes. I already had two surgeries, I had lobectomy in my RTL after the first surgery located accurately the seizures with depth electrodes and spnoidal wires going up under temple through your jaw muscle to study another form of an EEG (Subdural Depth Elctrodes). A very successful operative EEG too ... mostly done when too many meds and seizures and no other solution prior to a lobectomy.

  Take care , Johnny   

Is this what you are writing about?
(Neuropace webpage says - Caution: The RNS® System is an Investigational device. Limited by United States law to investigational use.)(Google search - 03-11-2011)

vs (EEG machine / Electroencephalograph)

  Ya .... that's it !!! It's probably a bit more complicated than what you were thinking about. My doctor and me at the Cleveland Clinic were discussing Neuropace. They have patients now with it ... and I'm in a situation, if it gets much more complex I will give it a try. It fascinated me when we were talking about possibly getting it in LTL. Now that we already know the seizure focus and the RTL is no longer much of an issue since its lobectomy. That device will record and hopefully prevent all LTL seizures I have. By doing that , we might narrow down triggers, sleep issues, meds. from home and try to control it and I would be in a CLINICAL TRIAL though.

  Soooo I don't know if that's quite what you had in "MIND"

  Take care, Johnny

It is a bit more complicated than what I had in mind but I am glad you posted it. It is a very interesting gadget. I would be interested in hearing how it works out for you.

Hi EpiBot,

I use to be more active in Amateur Radio, and was long ago building now old out-dated vacuum-tube Heathkit transmitters.

The temptation to play with EEGs at near $10,000, gives me the temptation to build modular ones out of much cheaper assemblies, or even cheaper rag-tag parts, on a more feasible financial basis. Modified toys with a streak of great luck might give me crude results. A search on ebay for eeg did have a wide 300 results, with many medical restrictions.

I've also thought about the bold inverse trial and error technique of using transducers to induce patterned resonance seizures, then make the major assumption that the pattern that induces a seizure catastrophe, gives strong clues of the causal pattern of experienced seizures. For instance,if my complex seizures match the induced sensations of a pre-recorded pattern of "Out-Of-Body Experiences" EMF stimulation, what are the possibilities of correlations with the EEG during the similar results from a seizure? (That might be more than a CYA warning, for warning not to be used with epilepsy at: )
(For me, T Meditation often makes my seizures worse).

Hopefully, thinking about our own brain waves isn't illegal in the USA, but thinking about many parts of Prime Number Theory in the USA, is technically illegal.


With Warning:

(Google Chrome Web Browser translates from German to English moderately well for parts)

I actually looked into building an EEG through the instructions on the OpenEEG project. But then I decided it would probably be a death wish for someone with my electrical expertise, or lack thereof, to build a machine I would attach to my head.

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