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I've recently come to a creative block with my art. I've recently had a seizure and for reasons I can't explain, I have become scared to draw. It's wierd I know. But I've created this website and put my creations on it. I feel like I worked hard on it and I should show someone.


That’s a really nice work that you have done on your website and your earlier works that you have showcased. I loved the concepts with which you have made each art item. They look really lovely and wonderful. You have mastered your works with pastels, but your works other than pastel are also possible. The only suggestion that I would give is that you try to have a faster loading of your work. It takes some time to load.

Hello Melissa: I'm sorry to hear about your sudden seizure activity. I went to school at Pratts in NYC and have been doing work for the past 23 yrs.  Although I hold a degree in graphic design I've shifted more towards printmaking  as well as illustration. I truly feel your work is sharp and full of energy. Don't let epilepsy get between you and your work. I've been having seizures for some time now and find that after I get a seizure -and rest for a few days- I can go to my studio and run a few editions without breaking a sweat. Perhaps the period after seizures known as post-ictal can give the artist more energy and creative power to create work that is more in touch with one's feelings. Don't let seizures bring you down. Instead, utilize that to dig deeper into your emotions and produce work that comes out of your inner self.

Best wishes,

Luis M. Ruiz

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