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hi everyone,

I have a question.... Anyone here know if there is a big difference between generic medication brands and the original one?

I started taking Depakote about 17 yrs ago...

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~~Hello, guys my name is Emma Morgan :) I am a third year student at Nottingham Trent University and I am real need of your help. I would like to document some people who have epilepsy as I knew...

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Hi, everyone!

I just read a book called Teagan's Story: Her Battle with Epilepsy. It was a good read!

If anyone else has any book recommendations that have to do with epilepsy,...

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I have temporal lobe epilepsy and have "mystical/escatic" partial seizures and I started to paint few months ago.I was so fed up before painting that I considered ending my life.. Art has saved me...

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I'm learning to make video games, and I'm still relatively new to the field, and haven't released any yet. However, several of my friends have epilepsy. To the best of my knowledge none of them...

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Hey folks,


I've wanted a tattoo on my ribs that represents my battle with epilepsy for a while now. Does anyone have one that they really like? I was thinking I would get the...

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I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy when I was 12.  I'm now 33.

Anticonvulsant medications keep my seizures under control.  I'm well aware that many are not so fortunate. 


Created By: Sunspyne | 2015-03-01 05:15 | 402 Views | 1 Comment

I want to meet more artist who also have epilepsy.

Created By: Dostoyevsky Reincarnated | 2015-02-26 03:22 | 390 Views | 0 Comments

This is a character having them before she knows she has epilepsy. It is similar to the aura Prince Myshkin suffers in The Idiot

Nevada tried to do as the doctor prescribed. It...

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Here's a work of music that I created over the course of a few years about our disability.  I am going to be having brain surgery in four days and I thought I would share it.


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I am from Canada, I was diagnosed of Epilepsy in 2004 then i was just 17years, the disease is so disgracing and embarassing because atimes i get seizure in public and fall to the ground, I have...

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Dear friends, I recently came across some poems from a friend of the Foundation that I would like to share. The poet's name is Alyssa D'Amico. Here is an introduction from her, followed by her...

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:) Hello.

I've been working on a story where one of the characters has epilepsy (idiopathic). I've imagined how his epilepsy may present and am curious how plausible my ideas are:...

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I have written a screenplay for a Feature Length Film called Rebound Man. The lead male and female have seizures by surprise. It is not the root of the story or their lives, but she has been...

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A tunnel through a microscopic fairy tale. Paint blotches through the midnight blue air. Neon yellow, lime green AND red as blood. As lightning strikes...

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<p>A tunnel through a microscopic fairy tale.</p>

<p>Paint blotches through the midnight blue air.</p>

<p>Neon yellow</p>


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In Lilac Dreams

The storm within awakens

Consciousness is broken

The brain is weak

Energy waves released

Control is lost

Physical, mental...

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Hello! I am a high school senior, and I have been conducting research on the benefits of art therapy for people with epilepsy throughout this school year. I am currently looking for people with...

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I was scrolling through the epilepsy tag on tumblr and found this image. 

I thought I would share it with the community.