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This past week I've been getting bad convulsions where I'll get shaky and my whole upper body feels like it's electrocuted. This morning I woke up having them constantly. I fell...

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I have been struggling with benign brain tumors called meningiomas for 14 years now.  They have caused continuously evolving mild seizures,- mainly convulsions in the right side of my body....

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Different portion of Nobis jackets Quick Nobis coat is most likely the most widely used during the cold months layers. Short Nobis overcoats together with cap inside outfit grade may merely deal...

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I am from Canada, I was diagnosed of Epilepsy in 2004 then i was just 17years, the disease is so disgracing and embarassing because atimes i get seizure in public and fall to the ground, I have...

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Hi All

I am 22 years old and just recently had my first grand maul in 14 years. I thought I was grown out of my epilepsy but it has made a reappereance. In an effort to cope with my new...

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Do you drive?

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I'd like to invite everyone to the Epilepsy Therapy Project Family Day - a conference for general public - that means all of us! It's being held in San Francisco on...

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I know Harry Morgan's acting role on...

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"Calling all cars"..........!!!!!

Just posted a couple o' days ago - Please someone, take pity & speak to me!!

Jimsun x

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I've been on the road lately so haven't watched much TV. I read on the web that O'Reilly made some comments that were rather offensive to those of us with epilepsy. Does anyone know the date and...

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hey has anyone else feel like they have been just taged with having psuedo seizures just because their doc dont know whats going on

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Do you think that it's possible to be addicted to sugar?  In this segment on ABC News Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum...

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Windows will not let me access the chatroom because of active X and blocks this. How do i get around this. I use Vista.

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Hey everyone,


My name is Shaina and I'm currently a student in college. I have to write a paper on epilepsy (I figured it'd be a good topic since I was recently diagnosed with...

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So, we are all having fun & think with just a few rules we can take over the world & make it a better place.

Based on tonight's chat, here ya go!

#1 - Live Life to the max...

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Frostie Dancing To Shake Your Tail Feather!

If you've got speakers on your computer, then turn them on, and watch the video at...


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 I'm so disgusted with a new members responce to another members blog. This new member "johnq" started out with a good wish to one of our members going through surgery but ended it with ......

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We are one of the Bay Area' s most respected market research companies, located near Union Square called Fleischman Field Research.  We work with global companies to recruit...

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Katie and Shane