Hiccups are seizures?


My husband has hiccups that often last for a week to 10 days. At times he lets out a loud noise , his eyes rolls, face become slack, he rolls over and at times his arms become rigid. He has fallen. The doctor beleives that the hiccups as well as these "spells" are seizures even though there is no seizure activity on the EEG. (he also has central sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation) Any comments on this. GiniInFlorida


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My word - how can he stand to have hiccups that long? What a guy! Since I was diagnosed? After some convulsive seizures part of my recovery can be - hiccups that last maybe about 30-60 minutes. Other times I just get them. Sometimes I get them so bad I hiccup in the MIDDLE of a hiccup. So it would be like hic--hic--cup--cup. Sounds a little weird I know but it takes my breath away too. In truth I've never really mentioned this to my doctor. I was hospitalized once, was in a coma, got prolonged hiccups, I don't know how long that lasted either. My daughter tends to keep track of my treatment and she said "hours" and I was eventually given Valium and they stopped. I'm a disabled RN and I do remember now that occasionally after general anesthesia and abdominal surgeries we'd have patients who would have hiccups that wouldn't end and Valium was the drug of choice to stop them and I can't remember any patient I knew of that that didn't work for - but then I certainly never saw every single patient that had this problem either so my information on this is only anecdotal. Anyway I don't have the other symptoms your husband has but it does sound like sz activity doesn't it? You know EEGs don't always show up sz activity on some people. I am definitely not an expert on EEGs but I do know that is true and I do know that sometimes like during VEEGs the electrodes are placed in a way to get deeper into the brain. I had sphenoid electrodes placed once, not fun, and all of my regular EEGs are always abnormal but I think they wanted a more accurate reading so I had a short general anesthesia, had these wires placed in my nose and into my jaw (ick) and I guess they got more information. Frankly I didn't even ask. I tend to "zone out" when my epileptologist is talking about something that freaks me out, thus usually my daughter is with me taking notes, or my husband. If I don't zone out I normally have a seizure. Sheesh. Not a real enlightening seeking patient, I know. If I were you? I'd ask your husband's neuro if he can have some Valium on hand as an emergency drug or I should say ask his doctor what he thinks of that. I have emergency drugs to take orally and injectable when I'm clustering. Gosh darn! That seems like torture to have hiccups that long. BTW hiccups are a spasm of the diaphragm muscle. The diaphragm is like a bellows that is part of the breathing mechanism, pulling/pushing your lungs up and down. Good luckGretchen

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HMM I have never heard of this. It sounds like the hiccup is an aura. Try this test and it will truely give you the answer. When you or anyone have a hiccup. I eat about a tsp of sugar. It will stop the hiccups. It truely works. I forgot the logic behind why it does now. But if it stops, it is a true hiccup. If it doesn't it would be an aura or a start of the seizure.http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/EpilepsyApproach/Lisa

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I know this is a little off the topic but whenever I get the hiccups really bad - for 20 minutes or so I use my magnet from my VNS and they stop... they are doing studies through Cyberonics now for the VNS to actually "cure" the hiccups as well as other things... just a suggestion to those who have it....JoAnne

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I haven't used a VNS, but I sometimes get bouts of hi-frequency hiccups of up to about 7-10 per minute, for up to 30 minutes if left untreated. It might not sound so bad but if you have them frequently enough, it gets really hard to breathe. Also I consider it a warning sign so it's something I want to shut down. I'd tried everything I've ever heard of, but nothing had any effect except holding my breath. And, holding my breath really only makes a difference for me as long as I can hold it.

One thing though works for me literally every time. I've never seen it talked about but I'd be pretty surprised if I were the first to try it. It's (medical) cannabis. For those of you suffering from hiccups, I know how debilitating it can be when it's persistent. There's a lot of prejudicial material out there against it but it's amazing. In fact, in my opinion, it's nearly instantaneous efficacy against hiccups that don't respond to any other kind of treatment is strong evidence of how good it can be to help with my other issues (GM Seizures).

If you're in an enlightened enough state / country / community / family, it's worth a shot.

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Really Joanne? How interesting about the VNS. I did read somewhere the VNS is being used for bipolars, and one of my daughters is just deviled with bipolar disorder. She's looking into that as like me on AEDs? She's very intolerant to the side effects of drugs that will help her. But as for sugar, honey, drinking upside down, holding your breath, all those remedies? Not a one helped me - only the Valium and/or time. And I don't have a magnet in my throat! YIKES!Gretchen

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no Gretchen - you swipe it against your chest wall and it sends a vibration up through the vagus nerve which goes right next to your vocal box... and that is also where the hiccups are producing... so there isn't actually a magnet in the throat just the vibration... get it?JoAnne

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Wow Joanne - that's interesting. I had asked my epileptologist about getting a VNS when my intractability was finally declared but he felt it wouldn't help me with the type of seizures I have and the reason I have them (sad face). He's been trying to talk me into considering a work up for grids but everytime he brings it up? I zone in a freak out. I'm still trying to work up my nerve. He told me last time he isn't saying I NEED grids - he only wants to do the work up. SURELY I can work up that nerve. You'd think. But don't count on it. I feel I "already paid at the office". Ya know?Gretchen

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I thought it was my cooking