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Hi All

I am 22 years old and just recently had my first grand maul in 14 years. I thought I was grown out of my epilepsy but it has made a reappereance. In an effort to cope with my new struggles and the fear and insecurties of dealing with my epilepsy  I have chaneled it into art. I study art and theatre at college so I wanted to use that to my advantage and try to turn my negatives to positives. I am posting this because I need some voices, quotes or words from others about how they feel about thier epilepsy, how they deal and what it feels like to have a seizure. Posted below is the mission statement from my art project. I would wnat to use the quotes to provide insight into persectives other than my own. I have had trouble posting the project here so sorry there arn't any pictures of it

The project is a graphic re-enactment of my seizure from my perspective and the perspective of my roomates.

"This project is a deeply personal one for me, but it has also been an exploration of an interesting format. Through my past experiences with epilepsy as well as my interest in graphic novels, I created a board of comic panels that describes what it is like to have a seizure through my eyes and through the eyes of my friends. This topic drove me to do research on the artwork  and life of David B the author of the book "Epileptic" and his experiences with his epileptic brother. It also drove me to research the experiences of others, and it made me see how truly fortunate I am to be coming out on the other side unharmed. I hope to creatively explore the experiences of other individuals who suffer from epilepsy , through book making, in my next project. The series of projects will all be titled " I<3 my scar tissue"

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