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I've also gone off gluten and most dairy (cow) foods...foods that might be not so helpful for epileptics.

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Hi everyone,

So, I'm a 38 yo epilepsy patient, diagnosed at 20 with simple partials that can generalize. I've been through several drugs, unacceptable side effects, gone OFF drugs (3 years...

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I was looking up Deer Velvet for my mother in law and found out that it can help with Epilepsy. Deer Velvet has alot benefits for arthritis relief and joint health, increased vitality and well...

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Ever since I was really little, say 5 or 6, or the farthest back that I can remember, I've had this problem with looking up. Say for instance there's a television mounted near the ceiling. If I...

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Does anyone know anything about some sort of device that would detect seizures a couple minutes before they occur? What about the possibility of that instead of drug therapy?

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Im 21 years old and Ive noticed a few long BRIGHT white hair strands ...mostly on the right side of my head. I plucked out like 7 white hairs already... and Im hoping theres no more. I had surgery...

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I'm a massage therapist and just wanted to ask anyone who has epilepsy if they ever receive massage and whether or not they find it beneficial or if it is contraindicated

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I found some info about electrostatic treatment for epilepsy, through internet.

However, I am not sure how reliable is the info.

If anybody has more info, or has tried the treatment...

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Hi. Im Christine, Im 21, and I started having seizures in 2006.

The first one happened in March, while I was in class. I had apnea (stopped breathing) and I started to tense up, but all of...

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Has anybody used coenzyme Q10 in their epilepsy treatment? Were there any good / bad results? Did the doctor have any comments as to why it could / could not be used in seizure management?

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This is making me a little nervous. I'm just not sure what to think.

My family doctor (the one I don't particularly care for and am working on ridding myself of) decided back in September...

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In case, you find any of these therapies helpful...let us know..
QuickDoctors.Com - List of Therapies

Good Luck..


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I switched from Depakote to Lamictal due to some personal issues. I was seizure free on Depakote for about 10 years. I'm currently taking 800 mg of lamictal and have a breakthrough seizure...

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Has anyone had experience with the healing approaches of electro-magnetic field therapy or working with a well-respected shaman? Are you aware of any problems with or contra-indications to these...

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What kind of alternative meds are there? I'm interested in seeing what is out there. So whatever anyone is using as a supplement or as a type of medication, I would be really interested in...

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Does anybody think I should see a Psychcologist just because my new Neurologist says so, because she doesn't belive I was diagnosed with Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizures? From her point of view I...

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I am a mom of a 3 year old girl recently diagnosed with idiopathic Epilepsy. She has several seizure types and has been on Valproic Acid for only 1 1/2 months. Right from the start I have been...

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Hi my name is Meg and I'm twenty and have had seizurus for ten yrs. The Doc's have diagnosed me with JME now uncontrolled by meds. I have grand mals about every two weeks, myoclonics every morning...

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I am interested to hear whether anyone else has concidered Reiki or Homeopathy as a complementary therapy. I have now been using this for 3-4 years and found it very relexing and a true releave...

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Brief overview...My 3 yo son developed E on March 28, 2006, we failed 4 drugs and diastat was beginning to fail...On June 29, 2006 we traveled to Baltimore MD to see a doc who put T on a Modified...