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Asside from TLE I also have Sjogren's Syndrome which is a autoimmune disease of the glands. It bassically means that I am chronic dry.

I always take fish oil without problems, but the last...

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Based upon the recent article posted on showing selenium and zinc deficiencies in a group of patients with drud resistant ideopathic epilepsy, it would seem reasonable to consider...

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Has anyone heard of KetoCuisine that helps out with the Ketogenic Diet?

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My son Alex began small twitches in his left hand & giggled for a few seconds. After a week it grew into 10-15 second seizures- his left hand up in the air with extreme tension/muscles &...

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GW Pharma’s cannabis based epileptic drug on its way
by Jack123 October 22, 2012

22 october 2012 ; GW Pharmaceuticals, a drug manufacturing Biotech Company has been found to...

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Has anyone ever heard of Stem Cell Treatment for Epilepsy? It is preformed by Stem Cell of America.


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My 21 year old son had simple and partial complext seizures from age 3 to 13, took meds (the 4th one, Lamictol, worked) until age 15 when he weaned off after 2 years seizure free. After surgery...

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My 9 year old son had Rolandic epilepsy.  We noticed that he had them more frequent when we ate Chinese food, known for using MSG (monosodium glutimate).  We stopped eating there and carefully...

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I'm 26 years old - male.

I've been suffering from AbsenceSeizure since I was a child. It comes suddenly then followed by a headache. It has a trigger though: Lack or Over sleep...

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I'd like to invite everyone to the Epilepsy Therapy Project Family Day - a conference for general public - that means all of us! It's being held in San Francisco on...

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Has anyone had any success in helping to control seizures by adding a manganese supplement to your diet? I found some interesting information online that led me to try taking manganese.


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I've had seisures for 40 years and tried almost all the popular AED's.  It's been along time since a smoked pot and I'm ready to try again.  My question is for the self medicators out there.  Do...

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Hello, everyone. I am 18 years old and am looking to experience shrooms with 2 good friends this Friday.
I had seizures since I was about 4, and they lasted until I was about
12. I...

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I am 5 weeks post surgery.  My doctor says I need to work on my memory.  I live in Arkansas and he doesn't feel like there is effective therapy here.  My wife is an RN and I guess he thinks we...

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I am 5 weeks post surgery.  My doctor says I need to work on my memory.  I live in Arkansas and he doesn't feel like there is effective therapy here.  My wife is an RN and I guess he thinks we...

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I am
currently on 2000 mg Keppra, 450 mg Lamictal, and my doctor wants to
add Vimpat to the mix. I have read quite a few negative information
about it. What are the general side...

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Hello, I wonder if anyone has tried a course of Homeopathic medicine  to help counteract the side effects of Lamictal. I would be pleased to hear of anyone who has tried it and what experiences ...

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If your new to Epilepsy be careful about the treatment you get & who your getting it from.
Show this document to your doctors if you can understand it after reading

here's the...

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