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Treat seizures with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

I haven't seen anything here about treating seizure disorders with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).
I'm really quite surprised. I've seen amazing successes for my daughter as well as others with seizure disorders since beginning HBOT treatments several years ago. Has anyone had any experience with HBOT?


Hi, my name is Kristi Hogg, I live in Tn.  My daughter Mayci  is 8 years old.  she Had epileptic seizures due to Mitochondrial Disease.  We have been doing HBOT since June of this year.  Since the second day of treatment our seizures have stopped.  Mayci's vision has improved and appetite has increased.  We have a new daughter and a new outcome on life.  HBOT has truly changed our daughters life.  You can visit our website and see for yourself.  go to our videos and watch her improve.

I am involved with"HBOT" let me direct you to a website- Our clinic did the initial treatment with "EM" She is a beautiful child. This is an example of what the potential is for children with these special conditions.
please contact me if you would like more info. Thank you

I'm also curious. I've heard of HBOT for Autisum, and wondered if it woudl be helpful for seizures. I'd love to hear more about your Daughter's success.  I don't even how to find someone who administers the therapy.

 I am not a doctor and I cannot gurantee anything nor am I really qualified to advise you but I do suffer from seizures myself. I do study the subject and have done some limited research on google. It appears it may in some instances help or possibly correct the problem depending upon what is causing the seizures. Since 70% are idopathic (which means the reason for the seizure is unknown or the brain is minimally damaged.) This can mean that its possible that hyperbaric may help or possibly eliminate the seizures based upon the problem (you do need a doctor who can determine this or advise you). I am currently going through a regimen of 40 sessions of hyperbaric at 1.5 atm (atmispheres) for 60 minutes and can report that I feel better than I have in years. I think more clearly and am reducing my meds (under a doctors guidance) I have the idiopathic type and we did a spect scan before and plan to do one when we finish to determine the amount of improvment. I have an area that is hypo or overly active and it is hoped this therapy will improve or correct the problem. In a study done in 2005 at the university of Pittsubugh it was determined that hyperbaric therapy causes the body to make 8 times as many stem cells as normal (this may explain why several brain related trauma's respond to it) and since its well know that the oxidative stress of hyperbaric causes tissue growth in the brain and better vascularity it only makes sense that it may help some epileptic people. I will include some links to view. The first is from the Pittsburg study showing stem cell increases

 This study shows the before and after appearance of brain function with hyperbaric.

The best on point study I found on direct epilepsy research was in China. This link showing remarkable results, however you will note that this is a one off China study so I can make no guarantees to the accuracy

 I personally have found a group of caring professionals who are working to help people with brain trauma and epilepsy. They are at the owners name is Chris Grant 678-766-0153. He works with a local neurologist. They are in Atlanta. My last plug for hyperbaric is this. While I have been going for treatments (now on my 30th of 40) I met a young 4 year old girl with cerebral palsy. She had never walked before the hyperbaric and has begun to do so. I feel this treatment has uses far beyond what its most commonly utilized for and will some day be a first line of treatment for epilepsy and other brain trauma. I hope you will at least look into it. By the way there is another doctor in Naples Florida named David Perlmutter. I saw him and he is very competent and uses hyperbaric to treat brain recovery patients as well. He is also a neurologist.  Sorry to say since there is no long term proof of efficacy it will not be covered by insurance. 


TO jlunsford

Hi, I just found that page, and i am researching hbot method for myself,
as i am having post concussion syndrome with seizures/ still the Dr
can't tell if it is posttraumatic epilepsy/. As the post is from 2008,
can you provide more infromation how the hbot treatment has worked for
you and etc.




Thank you for sharing this information.  My son has Epilepsy due to an acquired brain injury (Viral Encephalitis).  I will be looking into this...

On a different therapy/treatment... I saw a report on The Today Show last week about a young boy who had Cerebral Palsy.  They had stored his Umbilical Cord Blood when he was born....they did a cord blood transfusion, and five days after the transfusion he was waving for the first time and smiling and is now walking.  The Dr. told them that by the time he's 7 years old, he should show no signs of cerebral palsy at all.  I started doing research on cord blood stem cells (We saved our youngest son's cord blood, but it's our oldest son who has E).  There are many new discoveries/research about cord blood stem cells helping brain injuries, with some research including Epilepsy.  Does anyone have any information on this?  Val



 My son has E as a result of viral encephalitis too. I keep looking for treatments to help my son. Could we get in touch directly in order to exchange information?



forgot to give you my email:


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I know you posted quite some time ago, but I was wondering how you are doing.  Would you consider the hyperbaric therapy a success for you?

My son just completed 40 sessions of hyperbaric therapy.  In addition to doing the hbot, we are also working with a doctor who supports him nutritionally and with homeopathics, and we see someone weekly for cranial sacral.  I should mention that he is also taking Keppra and Vimpat.  Prior to hbot the neurologist was talking about starting another medication, now we are looking into lowering his Keppra with no addition of other medication.  His last seizure, thank God, was in June.  Prior to that, he was having at least 2 seizures a month with the average lasting between 3 to 5 minutes.

Would love to get your input.  If anyone else is interested, please feel free to comment.  Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

HBOT Therapy. I have recently been researching HBOT for seizures and have read about its success. I thought I would check this forum for any success stories and I too am surprised there is no one talking about this. My daughter is 4 with generalized tonic seizures. She is on Lamictal and the Ketogenic Diet and has full seizure control since starting the diet Sept. 5/07. She remains, however, globally developmentally delayed but is showing improvements. I'm interested in any information you would like to share. How old is your daughter? What is her seizure type? Is she delayed? What successes have you seen with HBOT?


Hi there,

I hope you get this, i was wondering if your daughter is still having the treatment? and how it has helped, my daughter is 3 and on the keto diet and like your little girl it has helped lots, but wondered if this treatment would help with her development delay?


Many Thanks


Our 8 yr old daughter has E, microcephaly, global dev delays, apraxia......,etc. She had tonic-clonic seizures for 3 years and is taking topomax, lamictal and trileptal.  She has diastat for breakthrough seizures.  She started going in the hyperbaric chamber  3 times a week for 1 hr per session in January of 2010.  The unit is a reclining cylinder that fits both of us inside, where we watch her DVDs and relax. She sometimes has trouble with the pressure, as it increases, but they allow me to slowly increase it, for her comfort. We are extatic to report that she has not had any tonic-clonic seizures since the first treatment.  She was having multiple events per day at her worst point, and at the time she started with hyperbarics, she was down to about two per week.  She was so lethargic that most days, she could not get out of bed.  She missed out on school and family activities for 3 years, because she had no energy.  She now is back to the little girl that we knew before she started having seizures- smiling and bouncing off the walls with energy.  She is now able to attend school and go on outings with the family.   We had stopped taking family vacations, because she always ended up in the E.R.  We are hoping to go on a vacation now, because she is doing so well.  She also had chronic constipation, which was treated with miralax.  She is no longer on anything for constipation, and is doing well.  She has shown remarkable advances in her language development since begining the hyperbaric treatments.  She was non-verbal until age 5 1/2 years.  Now, after being seizure free for 6 months, she is able to string 7 words together! We could not be more pleased, and hope this information helps others with epilepsy and/or other disorders. 


I know it has been some time since you posted this comment but I am curious about your Daughter's HBOT. I would greatly appreciate some more information on this treatment as my little girl who is now 7 shares many of the same difficulties your girl did. It sounds promissing. I would like to know where and how much the treatments are. Also if your doctors gave you a hard time about it. My Daughter's doctor told us that it is not proven to do anything. Do I beleive everything he tells me? Heck NO! My daughter has had placental stem cell treatment twice and that has helped her significantly but like other alternative therapies it works best with maintainence treatment and we can not afford to keep it up. Being an experiemental treatment, as is the view in Canada, treatments are not offered here and we can not get funding for it, I think the same goes for HBOT.

Thanks for your post and if you are still following this post I would love to pick your brain.

You mentioned that your daughter has had placental stem cell twice and that it helped. Can you tell me where you had the procedures. I didn't realize that maintenance treatment was also recommended. We are seriously considering it but can't find any information.

Hi, I was a diving instructor and worked in the hyperbaric situations. I have the FULL details on every last piece of the hyperbaric treatments on PTSD and on Epilepsy.

If anybody should ever need to know anything or want somebody to double check the information they have been given then please feel free to contact me anytime at all.

Email at

Please mark your email ABOUT EPILEPSY in capital letters as I do get a world of spam in my mailbox and then can find you all easy and take you through it step by step.


I have it right down to the last detail including tests on animals and soldiers.

How it flows through the body the pressure mechanics and I was a teacher in diving and can teach you easily enough how all of the science works. I used to teach kids as young as twelve so NO it is not hard to learn at all. Some of the medical functions can take a little bit more to get your head but not really that hard.

So anything want to ask or learn about it then jsut let me know......HEY....WE ALL EVOLVED OUT OF THE OCEAN THE BRAIN THEN DEVELOPED FROM THEIR !

Dolphins and Whales are vastly intelligent caring and feeling animals because they evolved on land before going BACK to the ocean......Just how far down the rabbit hole do you want to ask. Does become all frogs and dolphins to really understand it all but that is where we all evolved from. The pieces of the brain like that of the amygdala where in the creatures coming out of the ocean and the rest of our brain then developed on top of that......Just click your heels three times and say there is no place like home.

One last thing to add to that for you all......don't forget to take a book.

Get's very boring inside some hyperbaric chambers and because of the oxygen levels and pressurized environment things like pocket TV's and phones not going to be allowed in there....Could be in there for a while on some treatments, but it is just read and breathe oxygen. Due to the pressurization need to be pressurized slowly and come decompress slowly......Will need to pop your ears inside like being on a plane....but it is like being on a plane with no TV so take a good book.

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