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I have bought it but there it sat in my cabinet. I gave it to my daughter for anxiety. She didnt feel like taking it. (teenagers) But it is suppose to help with seizures.go to epilepsycured they have some people there that have tried it.Lisa

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Lisa - thanks for the website info!- Amy

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Hi Amy,I know  that  it  is an ingredient  in one of  the SOBE drinks that I  enjoy.    Sorry I  haven't  taken it  it  otherwise.Dayna

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I tried it years ago, when I went on a weight loss and exercise programme. I don't know if it worked or not.


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I tried taurine for my daugther. It was recommened by a homeopathic doc. She was having approx 4 seizures a week. We used the taurine for about 3 mo with no change in seizure control. No harm or side effects. Everyones metabolism is different who knows. I did read about taurine as treatment in an article somewhere where it helped. So many articles to remember. It is always worth a try when side effects are minimal. At least that is where we are trying and trying and still minimal control. michelle V

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Hi, I've struggled for years and years with the medication and side effects. Not life threatening, but mood swings, depression, bad sleep etc etc. Its ruined my life.
I've recnetly looked at various things, and started taking calcium/magnsium/cider vinegar. I had not realised how important these things are to ones diet. Altered my diet completely - you really are what you eat. ANd read a book on 'the mood cure' wonder ful book. Took the advice which was low seratonin levels. So started taking 5-Http. Then found about Taurine. Then find that its often low in those with epliepsy, and without it calcium and magnesium and not easily absorbed. The result, so far, and its early days. I've never ever felt so good. I feel normal. I'm happy,optimistic, feel fantastic. And only after 4 days. I'll continue with this and my hope is it will continue, if not there are other additional amino acids I'll consider ie manganese and folic acid. I'm also taking other vitamin supplments which they allneed to work together. I hope this helps someone. Its the BEST thing ive ever done and really hope someone else will try it. Its obtainable from health food shops. I've reduced my medication too.

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I tried Taurine years ago, and don't remember if I took enough of it, or took it long enough to notice any results. I don't remember if it said anything on the label about being benefical to Epileptics, I'll take a look the next time I go to the health food store.

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I give it to my daughter as one of many that are beneficial. I don't see that it is reducing seizures, but I know it must be helping the brain function in other ways. Water helps too, but you wouldn't take that away.

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I recently tried taurine because I heard good thing about it and how it helped people with epilepsy. After trying it I discovered that it gave me seizures. I was very disapointed to find this out. It is just another disapointment in a long line of things I have tried to control my seizures. Only to find out it was a dead end. I am in my 50s and I don't think there will be any thing that will every help me. 



At first I used GABA, which is made by Taurine, zinc and B6, then segued to Taurine and a multi alone; I'd had breakthrough seizures on my meds, and haven't had one since I switched over. I had seizures because I'd had surgery, chemo and radiation for a Glioblastoma (brain tumor like Senator Kennedy's).
Read Dr Atkins' discussion about nutrients, their healing effects, optimum doses and minimal side effects, in his book, "Dr Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution" (order it from Amazon)
I'm really enthusiastic about a nutritional approach because the cancer should have killed me 3 years ago; but after the doctors had done all they could do, I went on an anti cancer diet and beat one of the most deadly cancers known to medicine. ( less than 2% survive three years or even 6 months... And I'm healthy and full of vigor at 3.5 years after the tumor was found, with no sign of tumor regrowth on my MRIs)

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Yes; It works. seizure-free since 2010.