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Hello,Currently I am taking care of my Mother who has seizures due to a small stroke.  She takes Keppra 2000mg/day and depakote 500mg/day (this is a new addition to her seizure meds).   We were told that is was very important to take her supplements which are a daily senior supplement,B-12, Calcium, and Folic Acid.   Does anyone else have any suggestions or sites they've visited to find supplements that actually help in reducing seizures?   Thanks, FJulian


fjulian,I don't know of anything that helps to control seizures better, but there are lots of supplements out there that make them worse. I am very careful about anything that I put into my body that might have any effect on the medication that I take. Even grapefruit can interact badly with some medications. I never take herbal remedies or anything other that a multivitamin or what's been suggested by the docs. Herbal remedies don't have to be tested for any kind of drug or health interactions and they rarely say anything about what interactions they might have.Just my opinion, others probably feel differently.Lemond

Hi FJulian:I had major 'Seizures' when I was younger, & as I got to about 17-18-yrs old, the 'Drs' put me on 'Apo-Primidone' & since then I've only had (what I call) mild 'Black-outs'. The reason I (& afew other's) only call them 'Black-outs' is because when it happens you're only in a 'Daze' & don't remember what you've said or done. My husband says sometimes I'll get up & 'dance around',,,go figure. But I don't remember anything. And he'll try to talk to me, & it's as if I have a 'mouth full of marbles', or 'Baby-Talk' (he can't understand a word).Sorry, my main point is,,this 'Primidone', what it does is by taking it controlls the 'Grand Mal Seizures' but in reaction to taking it causes 'Mild Black-Outs'. It is worth looking into though, & I hope you have all the best with your 'Mom'. By the way,,I've have a 'Stroke' too, so I know exactly what she's going through.Take-Care, Tracey,,,,

Fasting blood sugar levels is a sign of whether there is any risk of diabetes. The higher your blood sugar levels, the greater the risk of developing diabetes. People with diabetes have a greater risk of heart disease, kidney, and eye disorders.

FJulian:I'm SO sorry,,,(D'uh me) lolThe real reason I came to talk to you was to see if you had any 'Info' about this 'Keppra',.? I've heard it does wonders, & just wanted to get some more 'info' from someone who takes it. Thanx, (I won't bug you again,,,lol)Tracey is an article about a study that was done about alternative and complementary methods for treating Epilepsy.  Hope it Helps!                                                               Jessi

I heard that vitamine B6 can help in the reduction of seizures, but taking suppliments of B6 can be dangerous beacuse the body can go toxic.  But vitamine B1 can aid the body in the absorbtion of B6 and the body does not not absorb the exess, so it can be taken safely (provided this doesn't affect your medication). A good source of B6 is fortified cereals.  This, though, is only a theory.  I have yet to test it out. 

I have been giving my son a  a multi-vitamin called Super B100.  It contains B1, B2, B6, Folic Acid and a couple other vitamins.  Its too soon to tell of it's the vitamins, but he has been doing really well.  I have also read that Taurine is very helpful for seizures, I plan to start giving him that too.  I feel much more comfortable giving him vitamins than herbal supplements, which seem to have a lot of side effects and possible drug interactions.

I know this is an old post, I am wondering how the Super B100 worked for your son and how old is he.
Thank You

Here is some information regarding supplements and epilepsy. I hope this is helpful.

Ginko Bioba is pretty good along with some others as a daily vitamin I take GNC Multi Ultra Mega Gold without iron it has tons of vitamin B in it plus a lot of other vitamins with a good amount of each, once or twice a day and I feel pretty good. Compared to medications I think cheap herbs and vitamins go a long long way when taken regularly.

On top of my Dilantin and Lamictal, I recently started on Ginko Biloba. At this point in time, I'm willing to try anything. I can't work, can't drive, whats the difference if I have a bad reaction to an OTC Supplement.

Hi Fjulian,

There are a whole host of supplements one could take, and I could list them all without first hand knowledge of whether they are effective or not, but I am currently conducting a personal experiment and I have begun to keep a blog on here. Feel free to have a nosy at the vits/minerals I've started on. I'm not endorcing it in anyway, but if it works, then I will. I'm not currently on a regular course of AEDs and my seizure type is mainly partial seizure but did used to get generalised (big tonic clonic) seizures.

From the reading I've been doing lately, there are a whole host of herbs and minerals that may help, but if they are going to be effective, just like the drugs - what works for one person will vary to the next as we all have our own nutritional needs and our brain/body chemistries vary. I'd recommend checking out the dosages and what not to exceed before dosing up on anything as while supplements may be natural, our body is only designed to hold so much at one time. Some vits can still be some what toxic in too high doses and knowing of allergies before taking them is obviously important as some herbs won't be agreeable.

One thing I have seen come up quite a bit lately in my travels - and these are more off-the-wall in terms of what we're familiar with:
The top three I'm trying in a combo mix of something else and the rest I've never tried.

I started taking vitamin B supplements a few weeks ago, and I think it has really made a difference. Of course, I have plenty of symptoms of vitamin B deficiency, not just seizure symptoms, so it probably wouldn't work for everyone, it just depends. It sure doesn't hurt to try though! I find that the chew-able vitamins are easier on my stomach. The Mayo Clinic has a lot of really good info on supplements. Check it out sometime.

KEPPRA is an antiepileptic drug available as 250 mg (blue), 500 mg
(yellow), 750 mg (orange), and 1000 mg (white) tablets and as a clear,
colorless, grape-flavored liquid (100 mg/mL) for oral administration.

When there is lack of meat and fishes in our diets mainly in vegetarians the vitamin deficiencies in them need them to take vitamin supplements to compensate this deficiency. There is no doubt that vegetarian diets are healthy as they are generally low in cholesterol and fats but any how the should meet the vitamins deficiency.

Good nutrition is important for everyone. Keywords can include: ketogenic nutrition, Forks Over Knives (2011) film, organic nutrition, Vitamix blender, etc. There is a difference in looking at good nutrition in general for overall good health vs (perhaps falsely) expecting good nutrition to automatically, substantially reduce all seizures of every kind for everyone (my view). Good luck.

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