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success with manganese supplementation?

Has anyone had any success in helping to control seizures by adding a manganese supplement to your diet? I found some interesting information online that led me to try taking manganese.

One resource says: "At least six different studies have confirmed confirmed that people who experience seizures have below normal manganese
levels. Epileptics have low whole blood and hair manganese levels, and
those with the lowest manganese levels typically have the highest seizure activity."

Anyway, a few members of my family have a low seizure threshold and even though I haven't been formally diagnosed with a seizure disorder, I believe that's at the root of some strange sleep problems I've suffered from that my sleep doctor can't figure out. 

I've started taking a manganese supplement in the morning and my sleep has improved dramatically (a bunch of other symptoms have also improved as well). I would like to recommend to my brother, sister and mother who are all taking meds for seizures that they try this approach, but thought I would see if anyone else here has tried it. 

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts on this. 

- Bill 

p.s. We all have gluten intolerance as well - I wouldn't be surprised that the gluten problem has created a deficiency in nutrients considering all the digestive problems that go along with gluten intolerance/celiac. One of the main food
sources of manganese is wheat germ and grains.

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