This is making me a little nervous. I'm just not sure what to think.

My family doctor (the one I don't particularly care for and am working on ridding myself of) decided back in September that it would be in my best interest to send me to a psych. His reasoning was to help balance out the AEDs with anti-depressants.

I don't know what to think about all this. I know I've mentioned it before. However, my appointment is November 15 at 1pm. That's next week, so I am a little bit nervous about what to think.

What would you think?
Have you been to a psych?
What do I expect?

My appointment is scheduled for a full hour.
What sorts of things should I ask?


I've been to a psychiatrist

I've been to a psychiatrist twice. The first time I was in High School and I as being moody and crabby 16 year old. Of course my parents were like "OMG You have major depression!"

Well I didn't think I had major depression and they psychiatrist agreed, which was really nice because I got my parents off my back. At the office there they also had counselors. It was nice because the counselor worked very closely with the psychiatrist. You can and should get some therapy from the psychiatrist, but the real person you talk to is the counselor. Now my mom works in mental health care so I know a lot about this stuff.

Counselors do NOT necessarily PhDs is psychology. Most of the PhDs give out various tests, do research, and run rats though mazes, although some do psychotherapy.

These days most counselors have their license in social work, which I personally think is lame, because social workers don't have intensive training in psychotherapy, although they may think they do. The social worker is more concerned with society's problems.

The person who you want to see is a LPC. That stands for Licensed Professional Counselor. They're the ones with the most focus on psychotherapy.

The second time I went to a psychiatrist was because I was distraught over my health problems and I wanted someone to tell me that I wasn't going crazy. It wasn't the best experience. First of all, I didn't even see a psychiatrist, I saw the PA, who was nice enough. The thing I didn't like was that they didn't do therapy in that office at all! All they did there was dispense medications. All the PA kept on saying was, "All we do here is meds." Then she kept on trying to switch my meds, and I kept on telling her that I liked what I was on. I think this verges on unethical. How do they know what meds to give you if they don't know what your problems are? How do they know you're not trying to drown your problems with meds and avoiding the issues? How do they know you're not hiding a major psychiatric issue? They don't. You do not want to be in a situation like that, and I never went back to that office. I wonder if they were getting kick-backs from the drug companies. This was a highly recommended office too. I think it as in one of the "best doctor" magazines, but it wasn't for me.

I suppose you could see a psychiatrist and a counselor in a separate office but it is much much better to have them both on the same team and have them both see you because they consult with each other. The counselor will know you better and the psychiatrist is better qualified to make a diagnosis and has a prescription pad.

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If you have problem then you can start talking with Online Psychiatrist here and you can tell your problem via chat. If you are and do not want to go to psychiatrist then i think you have social phobia and nothing else.

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No really, I would very much like advice or input, PLEASE. I am very nervous and wary about this and my appointment is Wednesday.

Have you ever been referred to a psychologist, and what happened? What do they say/do?

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Hi Mousie,
I have seen psychiatrists and psychologists.
Psychiatrists are MD/PhD, and usually manage any antidepressant medications. Unless you are going in for hard-core psychoanalysis, you usually see a psychologist for psychotherapy. Psychologists do not have to be MDs, just PhD.
One of my old neurologists said that every seizure disorder patient should be referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist, because seizures are traumatic, period.
What a psycholoist says and does depends on why you see them. You should talk to them and tell them all your concerns, and not screen anything from them. For example, if you are depressed, tell them all about it. Tell them how you feel. The worst mistakes people make seeing mental health pro.'s is not being honest, because they feel ashamed about being referred.
Try to see this as the first step to things getting much better for you.

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Also, check out this link for practical tips about making the most out of your appointment.:

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Thank you.

I have flip flopped back and forth on whether or not I think it is necessary or whatever. I've also gone up and down on how much I trust the idea of seeing a psychologist.

The link you gave me isn't working right now. I'll try again a bit later. Thank you.

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I recently started seeing a psychiatrist to help me with depression, and anger related to my seizures and a re-location from the sunny southwest, to the frigid northeast. Just like any other epileptic, I'm cold all the time anyway and loved living in the hot desert of the southwest. I even slept on a heated waterbed because the AC inside the house made me cold all the time. I have only been to the psychiatrist twice so far, and the first two visits seemed to go well. After the first visit, I felt like I didn't open up to him as I should have. The second time, I just let it all hang out because what goes on there is for my own benefit, and if I don't get something from it, it's my own damn fault. I told him the 2nd visit that I sometimes have a mouth like a trucker (sorry to any truckers out there) and if I let a few choice words fly and they bother him, tough, I'm letting things fly off the top of my head, because that's what I'm there for. I need to let my feelings out, and if that's the wrong place, tell me, and I'll go somewhere I can. For me, disability is taking care of the bill, and I'm going to take advantage of everything I can. I have allowed epilepsy to screw up my life so bad, that I'm going to use all the tools that are available to try to get a little control and management to my life. I deserve it after having E as bad as I have, and trying to live from paycheck to paycheck w/o insurance, and an ambulance ride to the hospital whenever I have a seizure costing anywhere from 5 to 6 figures. I've been afraid for years that if I didn't somehow make good on all the bills I have, I was going to wind up in jail. Don't be afraid to ask any questions or tell him/her about how you feel because that could be part of your condition. He/She shouldn't try to tell you what to do, but be someone that can help you discuss the things in life that are bothering you and feelings you are holding inside.