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My cure fom Absence Seizure , and epilepsy in general

I'm 26 years old - male.

I've been suffering from AbsenceSeizure since I was a child. It comes suddenly then followed by a headache. It has a trigger though: Lack or Over sleep. Also: decafe or


Sometimes, months will pass without any seizure. Sometimes, it will happen everyday! So much annoying!

Just last year, I visited a specialized doctor. He prescriped Depakine.. when I asked the phar. he said: it's an Anti-Depressent.
Anti-depressents are super dangerours. Moreover, it won't heal the problem, it will just remove the marks by applying distractions to the brain. And if I will use them I

have to stick with them for three months minimum and I CANNOT stop them by myself. Who needs such hell??!
Conclusion: Anti-depression are useless for AS and I will Never use them!

Then I saw a post in one forum stating that: putting the right palm on the right cheek while sleeping removes extra charges in the brain.
I tried it and it works!!!! not only while sleeping but even when the seizure happens while you're awake. It helps really. As soon as I feel the beginning of the seizure

starts, I put my hand on my cheek then no more. it's really like magic.
check the attached pic

Another thing which might help: Omega-3 fatty acid. But I was having AS although I'm taking them daily! .. but the fact is that they work.. they worked for me but when I

changed the brand they seem to be useless!

the ultimate solution:

Say goodbye to seizures and epilpsy. I was having AS daily then I tried cupping and it works 100%.
Although I traveled to another place with different time zone , and my sleep was not so good there. I didn't have a seizure or a headache!

So, what is that cupping? ( aka Hijama )
It is a sucktion of specific areas in the body ( head or spine ) , these areas contain bad blood which is not good for the body.
This blood should've been to the spleen. But it escaped to these areas, moreover it's not running with the circulation.
This blood must be removed from the body. It's not a normal blood though, it's heavier, darker and more viscous.
When I tried cupping before, one area in my back gave more blood, the therbist sucked it by the vaccum again and again until it gave a normal blood.
Cupping or Hijama is common in Islamic countries in the Middle East, because it's a thing which Prophet Mohammed did.

These are the areas which an epilepsy patient should do the cupping for:

It's supposed to be 3 sessions for me but I did only one .. and I'm fine :) .. I'll do the other sessions later

Session One:
(1- 55-22-23-11-12-13-43-44)

Session Two: after 2weeks of session one
(32-34-35-36-101-106-107-114) together with (1-22-23)

Session Three: After one month of session two.
Same as session two.

Cupping marks will disappear within one week or two, myself I find them Sexy! ;)

useful link:

 hijamacentres  -  co  -  uk


 google images for some pics about cupping




hope everybody will live with NO epilepsy thing


Cheers :D


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