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Has anyone been put in a medically induced coma to counteract non stop seizures (status epilepticus)?

I was put into a medically induced coma 2 years ago when I went into status.  Although I made a full recovery, and my memory, verbal and cognitive skills are as sharp as they were, I still fill "funny."  I feel a great body self-consciousness and fear.  I can have flashbacks of my hospital stay - and I would instantly forget my train of thought.  I'm just wondering if anyone else has come from the "great beyond" of coma-land.  Will you share your recovery story?


Hi Mimi,

My medically induced coma was 20 years ago when I went into status as a teenager. The problem was that I didn't come out of the coma for three weeks. Like you, I still have flashbacks of the hospital stay, but for me, the memories have more to do with the bars that were at the bottom of the hospital bed....I thought I was bound and gagged and in a jail.

Unfortunately, although I still score high on cognition and intelligence tests, my memory is poor and has been since my MIC (medically induced coma). I also lost much of my memory of my childhood, although little pieces continue to pop into my mind on a monthly basis (I'm remembering more about my childhood as I get older......weird, I know)

That's my story.

Thanks, Vos.....

Strangely, I feel comforted knowing "I'm not alone" with the weird flashbacks.  I was too distressed to realize and accept that they are "flashbacks" .  I, with my histrionics  would rather believe I'm going psychotic.  I think I will be able to forget.

It's amazing that the mind can construct a story to make sense of a nonsensical event, isn't it?  Now I'm remembering other dreams - how I over-heard a woman on television telling her story.  When I became fully conscious I confused  this woman with my roommate.  Now I know why my roommate looked at me quizzically - she didn't know what I was talking about!  And I got increasingly angry with her for not wanting to dialogue with me, never mind the fact that she was recovering from seizures, too.

I was tied to the bed at one time.  For several nights after coming out of the coma I "dreamt" that the nurses were maliciously trying to kill me. It was a recurring nightmare.  One night I dreampt the needles were full of poison, another night I was pushed through the hallways to the street for a truck to back up over me.  It was like I was in a Creepshow episode.  Thank goodness I kinda knew I was dreaming, but these were the worst nightmares I've had since i was a child.


Thanks again, Vos.  I needed some company.  :-)

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