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Cure for Epileptic Seizures


My dad has been practicing Ayurveda as a hobby for a long time. Recently we came across a teenager with epileptic seizures for the last 13 years which actually started when he was administered some Energy supplement from the USA when he was a baby. After Studying his case, my dad prepared a medicine and administered it with some diet restrictions. He had 4 seizures a Day and within days of my dad's medicine, he now doesnt have even 1 in a week and his parents are very happy about it and he still has 8 more weeks of medication to go and my dad is sure of curing it permanently. Also like Allopathic medication Ayurveda is devoid of any side effects.

Mind you this is not marketing junk, Anyone interested can mail me at

Note: My dad said he can send medicines for free. If they work for you and get completely cured we are more than happy we helped brighten some lives. He just wants people to benefit from his medicines which is the whole idea of Ayurveda.


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What kind of herbs is he using? Does he have more clients who have responded to his treatment? As you know there is all kinds of seizures, it is important to know what works or not for all these different kinds of seizures...


Hello Xandra,

He actually has hundred of clients undergoing treatment, some of them are the most complex in medicine. He actually had a guy from NY who had multiple Sclerosis for the last 35 years. His condition only got worse, but when administered with my dad's ayurvedic medicine, his right hand recovered 100% and his leg to 75% and everyone said it is a medical miracle. He likes to work on most complex cases. He cured vitiligo completely, for many people, then diabetes based on herbs on people with daily doses of insulin. Patients with cancer lived for couple of more years when they did not respond to any treatment and many such conditions. He has a medicine for Hyper Thyroid and administering which got completely normal in 1 week. Then For arthiritis and Hyper blood pressure etc.. He had couple of guys with Epileptic seizures who did get cured.

Before he prepares any medication, he talks to the patient for an hour or so and based on his past medical conditions and his habbits and many such situations he prepares medicine and administers. And believe me till date he had 99% success on his cases.

I am not posting anything for financial/ Marketing purposes. I tried to help in other kinds of forums but its a pity they think i am trying to market something. Anyway it is left to them to suffer.. 



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Dianne in CO- What does  your dad think of all the artificial sweeteners and flavours that are put into so much of what we eat and drink these days? I feel it has alot to do with alot of the medical issues so many of us face these days. I was addicted to diet soda and used any artificial sweeteners I could get my hands on. Since I have quit, my life and made a HUGE turn around in just a month!! If you would like to hear more of my story let me know!!

Dianne, I am interested in your story. We have limited my 11 year old son's intake of aspartame and as many artificial colors as possible. he has had a great year. email me at



Hello Dianne,

What he said is, try to use as much natural food as possible, most of the american markets are filled with junk. Try to eat organic food as much as possible and avoid any, soda or artifical sweetners. Nature has given enough of what we wanted and need. We have the best medicines in trees and that is how this universe is created. minerals are supposed to be used by the trees, synthesize them and give fruits and vegetables. And we are supposed to use the final product. As we get into artificial foods, it shows it is not prescribed by nature and healthy way of life.  All the modern diseases are caused by chemicals and GMO's. But capitalism doesnt want it, it wants us to have diseases so that medical companies can live on us and this is miserable. 

If you are thirsty use water or fruit juice (home made) if you are hungry eat something made on your own from raw materials (try to use organic) and see how your life changes in a couple of weeks. I know it is time consuming but you would realize its importanace soon.




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