Cure for Epilepsy.

Dear, It is quite unfortunate. I would advice you to try using herbs, because a friend of mine, Lizy by name was cured her's two months ago with herbs.I can still give you the address of the Doctor that cured her's: doctoryarsi@yahoo.comRegards,


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I hate to tell you but there is no cure for epilepsy.My husband been seizure free for more than 30 years he had brain surgery in 1972 but he still has auras and has take meds control his auras. Belinda

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I hate to disagree with you but there is a cure for idiopathic epilepsy.  I cured my son by putting him on the elimination diet.  No processed "fake" foods of any kind, no wheat, corn, soy or sugar.  Only pure whole foods.  Read my post "IDIOPATHIC EPILEPSY CURED WITH ELIMINATION DIET" and read about our so-called foods.  The diet is simple, but not easy.  We are all ingesting poisons camouflaged as "foods".  My son is only one of many who have been cured.   Do you know about epilepsy's realtionship with autism, depression, migraines, skin diseases, lupus, diabetes, adhd, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, etc?  Do you realize that the "health food" SOY is actually killing us all?  No one has to believe me, however, do the research yourself.  Then throw out all the poisonous "foods" in you cupboard and regain your life.

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There are causes of seizures that are not epilepsy which could very easily be cured by herbs, vitamins or minerals. This was probably the case here.

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I do believe the key is your diet, vitamins, ... What we put in our bodies reflects how we feel, and look.
I do believe there is a cure if it is helped my vitamins, herbs, foods..I have seen it in myself.


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Neither your e-mail or the doctors is working.
Can you please post me the correct e-mails?


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Lots of interesting thoughts here! Just a word of caution, the research on benefits of many herbs is still limited but luckily research is being done. But beware that just because a substance is an herb or labeled 'natural' doesn't mean it doesn't have side effects! Some of the herbal products and other supplements can be harmful and worsen seizures or other health problems.

Here's a resource for people!
Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Epilepsy, edited by Orrin Devinsky, Steven Schachter, Steven Pacia. Available thru the book store on this site. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is also a great place to look!

Best wishes, Resource Specialist

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You are right about the herbs and things saying "NATURAL". Herbs can affect our medications you have to be very careful with herbs. I am a bit scared to even try them.
But thanks for the web sites


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thanks for your input. so true the need to use caution. just like the meds we use, our m.d.'s prescribe differently for each person, the same it is with herbs and vitamins.


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The "cure" for idiopathic epilepsy is "simple"...but not easy. We "simply" have to stop doing to our brain (and its inhabitants) what we are doing to them. There are over two dozen viruses KNOWN to cause seizures in people, many of which are in the Herpes group. Put "virus, seizure" in your search and see what you get. Once a number of these articles have been consumed, then it is easy for the reader to believe that idiopathic epilepsy is likely to be due to a chronic latent virus that causes remitting and relapsing symptoms. Hey, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... Some were acquired before birth and others after, including through natural infections and vaccinations with modified live viruses.(Read about epilepsy following childhood MMR vaccines. Errrrh).

But then read about the relationship of epilepsy to celiac disease and other food intolerances. THAT is where my research takes place. That is what my site is all about. I will not go into detail here, but if you want to read about it, go to

After this, you will see that the "cure" for epilepsy lies in doing enough right...eliminating those things that are driving our nutritionally unhealthy brains...and their inhabitants...crazy. Air pollution also plays a HUGE role. But dogs and humans are responding dramatically to the elimination diet I outline (The GARD).It is currently under investigation by Mayo.

This should make sense. If not, shoot me an Email. My address is all over my Website.

I hope this helps,

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I think this shows us one more time that herbs, vitamins and acupuncture as long as other natural treatments do work. tri-dophilus

Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the recommendations, I am most interested in getting a cure and I also believe that herbs could do this. My organism is weak now, I have to get my strength back before I start a new treatment. My medic also prescribed me natural vitamins and now I take chondroitin sulfate it's a supplement that keeps me "functioning". After that I intend to try those herbs.

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This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion.
From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the good work.

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I would loe to know the hrbs used. cannabis?

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There is no cure for birth or death save to enjoy the interval.

-- George Santayana


This quote perfectly illustrates what dis-ease is all about: the fear of death. 

Of course there is a "cure" for epilepsy!

Simply do not believe your epilepsy is something that needs curing!!!!

Do you need a cure for breathing, or urinating?

Is it posibble that 98% of the people fortunate enough to experience seizures have been duped by the medical industry into believing that they need fixing?

The reason people who have surgeries on their brains STILL have seizures is because the human brain is becoming tolerant of how pills work, the human brain is finding ways to "create" seizures even after temporal lobectomies and corpus collosatomies!

This should be obvious to you that our current method of "fixing" does not work. Why is this? Has anyone attacked this problem from the other direction?

Are seizures as natural a reaction to the environment as wind patterns accumulating into a hurricane?

Maybe it is a bummer that the hurricane is in your brain, but to say it should not be happening is as ridiculous as saying YOU should not be happening!

Do you really think in 100 years from now, when all pills will obviously no longer work and surgeries have become much too invasive, that people with seizures will have any choice left, but to simply accept what is...

might as well start now,

I love you all,



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This is fantastic way to cure against epilepsy I think, you
gave good tips for the good life style health fitness.

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