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Chiropractic & epilepsy

I don't know if anyone has ran across this...but I had to go to my Chiro the other day, as I pulled my back out. While there, I told him that I was recently diagnosed with EP. He informed me that he couldn't adjut my neck, cause that may cause more seizures. I know my low back pain is coming from my neck, and just don't know what to do! Do I take the chance, relieve the back pain for seizures?? what a horrible toss-up!Also, during sleep I had 3 seizures. I almost could feel the electric charge generate down my spine into the are of my low back. At that point I screamed out, cause the pain was just intolerable.If anyone has experienced anything like this, I sure would like to hear your comments.Warmly,classy1


Hi Classy1. So sorry to hear about the back pain. I had a a chiropratic adjustment last summer. I did feel sort of light headed after the adjustment. I haven't had another one. I didn't have seizure from it. Might I suggest talking to your neuro about it? What kind of seizure do you have? I hope this has been helpful to you. Best of luck with the back. Linda.

Linda,Thank you for responding. AT this point, I'll take the seizures over the back pain, and opt for the neck adjustment! I'm not sure what kind of seizures I'm having. I'm having a couple actually. I have had 3 grand mal over the past 3 months...I tend to space, and loose time, and the third kind, is where I jirk uncontrollably, and am in a tunnel-like place. My EEG did show activity in the left temporal, and frontal lobe regions.I haven't seen my neuro appt. is set for the 27th of april. Yes, I have been recently diagnosed.Thanks so much for your input!Keep safe..classy

I have had epilepsy for 36 years and have gone for chiropractic adjustments there has been only one time I have had a seizure following. I had gone to a network chiropratic person for several years and she often thought adjusting my C2 helped alot and I had to agrree. I think it makes a different what kind od adjustment you get. Good luck

I agree with Cedar. My problem area is the A2 and A4 and the Chiropractor wouldn't snap, crackle or pop me there. But she did do heat therapy and it was great. Given, the 'greatness' wears off quicker than I would like but it's better than nothing. It evidently does have to do with location.-Spiz

Howdy ya'll. Hope everyone is up to snuff today A!!! ( I picked up the "A" phrase while taking a lengthy visit in Canada.) I think it is important to be pain free. No doubt. Iv'e had a back ache before. It is no fun. Sooo... If you can tolerate the snap-crackle-pop, then go for it. Seizure or no seizure staying relaxed is important. A trip to the chiropractor, a good message, reflexology, accupuncture, getting a pedicure or manicure, a float in the sensory deprivation tank, (did this once and it was good,) warm bath, good book, soft music, candles, meditation, yoga, exercise, a visit to a museum, engaing in some form of creativity, (art, poetry, dance, music, or whatever,) a good long laugh, (Ha! Ha! Ha!,) are just some of the things that you can do to stay relaxed. I strongly emphasize a good uncontrolled fit of laughter. I am convinced that in laughter great healing occurs!!! Happy people are generally healthy people too. Have a wonderful Wednesday to all. Adios mi amigos. Linda.

I'm sorry to hear that you're in such pain! I just threw a rib out of place last week, and I too am in horrible pain. My current chiropractor gave me a quick adjustment, and said that he didn't want to do more because I am nursing. What the??? My other chiropractor (who I saw for many years, and I trust very much) NEVER said anything about avoiding getting adjustments because I'm epileptic! He also adjusted me when I was 8 1/2 months preggo, when my current guy wouldn't touch me with a 10-foot pole! It turns out that chiropractic is this other guy's second medical profession, he's mainly a anestesiologist (sp?), I think that he just doesn't have the experience and knowledge that my other chiropractor has. Anyyyyway....neither of them were concerned about a seizure being induced by a neck adjustment. And, out of the last 14 years that I've ssen a chiropractor, I've never had a seizure after being adjusted. If you aren't terribly attatched to this chiropractor, you might want to seek a second opinion. Or, try calling your local Epilepsy Foundation and get their opinion, just to ease your mind. Good luck, I hope that your pain goes away soon!Heather :)

Thank you all for was very helpful. I did have my neck adjusted, and it helped immensely. AT least I don't walk like a neanderthal! And your right, humor truly is the best, why am I always so sick? I still have that twinge that my back has not settled in from the adjustment, so I''m just taking it easy. Everything in life is on hold at the moment, but that's ok, I'll catch up! Still having lots of seizure activity tho', with or without the neck adjustment, so it is hard to tell if that had any effect. I'm sure once I see my neuro, my meds will be changed. I'm on 300 mg of Dilantin, and it's really not doing anything, but making me tired..*yawwwns* OH, yes, it is time for bed.Keep safe...classy1

Hi there!  I am new to this board...hopefully, I will do this correctly.  I just wanted to let you know that my 17 year old son has seizures and he started seeing a chiropractor in Nov.2004.  He started with a couple of times per week and is now doing so well that he only goes once every 2 to 3 weeks.  Visiting the chiropractor has not increased his seizures--they have actually decreased but I can't contribute that solely to the adjustments.  However, I can tell you that I can see the physical difference in his body tension--he used to walk around popping his own neck by moving it side to side or rubbing it...he also has always had a lot of tension/stiffness in his body (fingers usually always curled up in fists)....NOW he seems so much more relaxed, which I am sure can only help!  My son would give testimony to the fact that the chiropractor was one of the best choices we've made!  Matter of fact, it made such a positive change in my son's life...that his dad started going too!!!!  Of course, I think we have an excellent chiropractor :)  like any other profession, there are bad, good, and GREAT!  I hope you get the same positive results!

Well, I bit the bullet, and went for the neck adjustment. Best thing I could have done. I was right, the pain in my lower back was coming from my neck, and NO seizures! Well, not for the past is another story...lolThanks so much for the encouragement and support. I'm actually standing tall today...*s*Keep safe...classy1

Hi. Glad to hear you got some relief from the adjustment (snap...crackle...) I hope you have some releif for a while from the pain. Linda.

Hmmm maybe I need to go back to the Chiropractor. I had a bad neck injury when I was about 10 and injured the 2nd thru 5th cervical vertibraes. I have asked neuros if this injury could be causing my troubles with the seizures. one doc said that is impossible and the other said he doesn't see how, but said if the chiro helps relieve my pain then to go for it, he is also referring me to a accupunturist to help me.Dayna

I am actually a chiropractic assistant and i've been getting adjusted 3 times plus a week for a while and i feel GREAT..... i actually dont have full blown seizures but small twitches in my neck and shoulders.... i havent been on my medication for the past 5 or 6 months and my twitches have gone from around 5 or 6 a day with medication to 5 of 6 a week without medication and in the hands of an AMAZING chiropractor..... i would recomend ANYONE with epilepsy to see a chiropractor and watch your body work the miracles God had intended for it!!!

AMEN!! The way GOD intended our bodies to work..thank you for this post..

classy,I went to a chiropractor for months because of my back.She probably would of helped more if I'd stopped going down in seizures.I found out from her I had arthritis in my back. Belinda

When I was 10 years old I went to a chiropractor for nine months every week. I heard the medical doctor trying to keep me away from them for it can harm you??????????????????My chiropractor got me seizure free for nine months and off of meds. I went to an amusement park and I had a seizure for my neck got whipped around. I have alot of my tension in my neck which I was told causes my seizures. After I had that seizure as a child I did not want to go back. I went back as an adult but went every month which was not enough. I am going to start with a massage therapist. I went once called a shiatsu. WONDERFUL. It is a chinese chiropractor. I am going back for I think it will help my seizures. YOu decide. I believe in alternatives for I have tried all the medical sides of epilepsy. I do better with them anyway.

Me too, I am all for homeopathic supplements and organic foods and that lifestyle. The neurologist I am currently seeing just LOVES drugs and put me on another one. He knows I HATE drugs and when I decided to leave the one neurogist in my city and go back to him he said, "Oh you are the one who hates drugs.." He is toallly getting a kickback from Big Pharma..I am sure..

This is the one thing I like about chiropractors, they do not give drugs out to their patients and really, really, want to help them and "heal.cure" them...

Hi Classy:  I do not know much about this topic with regards to epilepsy, I will admit, though I do know that people who see a chiropractor tend to do so because of some sort of stress carried in their bodies.  The visits to the Chripractor can decrease that stress.  That said, people with epilepsy can have their seizures increased by stress as well.  My assumption is that visits to a chiropractor would be good for a patient with E if procedure was done correctly and the doctor knew the patient has E.  Also, massage therapy is another route.  Many places even have schools of massage therapy which will allow you to get a great massage at a discounted rate.   Good for you for not turning to yet another pill to take away that back pain, too!  It's so easy when we are already taking anti-seizure meds to pop one more!  Good luck.Jamie

yes i have too been told this and a friend of mine who has seisures to has been told this , as my chichro doc told me this would cause the seisures to come on stronger as she is moving nerves around,,, i know some times it did help me and other times later one during the day i got hit worse,, so its a 50/ 50 chance , i opted for a massage this helps me alot more then seeing the chircop,, hope it will for you too,, take care

I see a chiropractor on a regular basis for neck and hip alignment as well as migraine relief. His adjustments have actually helped me with seizure control.
I guess we are all very individual people and what works for some will not always work for others. My chiro was excited at the prospect of being able to help me with control issues -- apparently the chiropractic school he attended was one that teached manipulation of the spinal nerves as whole will inevitably help with seizure control as opposed to hindering it. Different schools of thought, I assume from your own chiropractor.
Blessings, mel

Hi Classy, I have been diagnosed for a couple of years with more auras than full on siezures lately, but have found that chiro is very helpful in getting oxygen to the brain. I have a thing called a "cranial" which is done around your neck and jawline. My head feels so clear afterwards and I can fully recommend them from my experience. I believe it is very important tho to find a chiro who knows exactly what they are doing - good luck from over in Oz!

I want to chime in on this post--I have never had a definite diagnosis, but all of my symptoms led my neurologist to treat me for TLE, and I've responded to treatment, so I consider that to be my problem.

I've started going to a chiropractor recently, and what do you know, I had cranial bone pressure on my left temporal lobe! She has been adjusting that, and I've noticed a little bit of change, but it hasn't been long yet.

Hi there, What is TLE?


I see a chiropractor once a month for adjustments because I work as a horticultural labourer, which does produce a few minor backaches. But this kind of work is my exercise and it helps me feel good, thus increasing my seizure threshhold. But I still have to see my chiro if I am to continue this active job. I have never had any seizures from my chiro treatments and I almost always feel better the day after seeing him. My family physician says it is okay for me to see a chiro.

Chiropractic and Epilepsy

Hi Classy 1

I'm sorry to hear that your chiropractor was uninformed about chiropractic research supporting upper cervical adjusting and the reduction of frequency and intensity of epilepsy.

I have been maintaining a chiropractic information website since 1997. As I read or locate research on specific conditions I add it to the website.

I just completed a new page on Chiropractic and Epilepsy:

This is one of many conditions and disorders which respond well to chiropractic care. A more complete list of Conditions is at:

I hope you will find that page of value.

I hope you will consider seeking another chiropractor who is better informed about chiropractic research, and who is skilled in upper cervical adjusting.

Frank M. Painter, D.C.

"The Doc on The Block"

The Chiropractic Resource Organization

Editor for the HealthQuest Newsletter

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I'm a chiropractor today because of a little girl who is now FREE of epilepsy because of chiropractic care.   Epilepsy is typically a neurological problem.  Chiropractic relieves stress on the nervous system.

Dr. Tim

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I have partial seizures daily, most of them are subtle that no one would notice.  I am grateful for that!  The chiropractor has made my life livable because I lose my balance often, she notes that I need realigning of my lower back and especially around the neck and gently around the neck.  I had a terrific fall and she noted I need to see a physician, and I now have surgery to mend my ankle.  It is wise to find an honest chiropractor.  My chiropractor, nurses and doctors go too.  She is great, I feel great after treatment and ready to start my day!  My seizures are shorter!  She seems to help me and I have more energy because I have less pain!

I also have had epileptic events that began around 3 years ago...I also have herniated disks in L5-s1 and bulges in my neck and l4. I have been receiving spinal decompression therapy and gentle manipulations for the last 2 years.

I know how I felt then, and how I feel now is leaps and bounds ahead...I rarely have epileptic outbreaks now, and my low back has never felt better....

I agree with most of the posts to your question.  There is a bunch of good research about the effectiveness of Chiropractic and epilepsy.  It is unfortunate that a doctor of the nervous system does not know the profound influence he or she has upon the body.  I am hopeful that you have learned a lot from all the posts on this page and I am glad that lots of patients and chiropractors alike are responding.  The Specific Chiropractic Center is one such group that loves to manage cases of all sorts and help improve peoples lives. 

Thanks for a great question.

I understand why some chiros would be nervous, you just need to find someone knowledgable. I go to a chiropractor every week, no problems yet :)

All the best, Christine

If I were you I'd see a doctor that specializes in it.. I don't think having the chiro "fix it" for you is worth the risk. Something else that you can try in the mean time that I found helpful with the seizures (I have mild epilepsy) is meditation. I've been meditating for about 2 years now (mainly just doing breathing exercises and cleaning chakras) and I've found my frequency of seizures to be lower.  I also noticed that I've been in a better shape physically as well. That could also be because I meditate on a contour belt haha. (<a href="">contour belt</a> if you don't know what those stupid things look like).

My daughter first experienced a violent seizure upon waking when she was around 12 years old then one other time after that then was put on medication. She had taken seizure medication for about a year when she started to see a chiropractor. The chiropractor adjusted the atlas in her neck and had showed my husband how to adjust it by using a rolled up towel. She has since stopped the medication and has not experienced that type of seizure and she is now 18.

Although this may have helped her I would like to make sure that those who read this will know not to get off your medication without careful consideration and your Neurologists advice. My older sister went off her meds after 15 years and six weeks later she passed away after several seizures.

From ages 9-11 I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. I had grandmal seizures, the seizures stopped, but I still took the medicine. Then, in 2006, I was diagnosed with M.S. and two years later,the seizures came back. I am not sure of the epilepsy and MS are related but this year, I was watching TBN(Trinity Broadcasting Network) and the hosts had four doctors on their show. These doctors were for organic foods and lifestyle, which I wholeheartly support. Of the four doctors, two were chiropractors. One of the Chiropractors told the audience he was treating a patient, a girl, who kept having seizures more than once a day. After working with her, I ams sure he said her atlas needed to be aligned. When this was taken care of, she had no more seizures and the medication stopped as well.

For months now, I have been telling my husband about how chiropractors really care about their patients and do not prescribe meds to "supress the symptoms" like a GP or neurologist does. My hubby though at chirpractor is only good for fixing backs and necks if a person is in a car accident or some other accident

I have been sending information about chirpractors and what they can do for people with neurology problems. Finally, afte me crying and crying and asking him to talk to his chiropractor, he finally did. Well, he spoke to his chiropractor and he did, if fact, study a year of neurology and knew how to help his patients with neurology symptoms.

So, finally, today, this morning, my hubby took me to his chiropractor and he adjusted my back and neck and told me there was a big knot on the left side of my neck, under my ear and this, along with my back, is causing the seizures to come back.

I told this chiropractor I HATE taking drugs and the neurologist I am currently seeing just LOVES drugs, put me on two drugs now and he has never....ever...suggested ways in which to "heal" these symptoms..He also NEVER....EVER.....told me to see a chiropractor....

Yeah, go gotta love these GPs and Neurologists who are pro drugs and anti patients...the more drugs they dole out, the more money they make..

How do you know you are having three seizures in your sleep, are you twitching or something?

I have a nine month old son diagnosed with severe intractable seizures.
He has had no syndrome diagnosis yet and has been tested for many.

Diego Chiropractic

Six weeks ago I had the displeasure of falling and breaking a vertebrae, so I know what you are going through. I mean all I was doing was waiting for was my dog to finish her (rounds) so we could go to bed.  :)  Next thing I know I'm on the front porch and back was KILLNG ME!!!! On the pain scale of 1-10 that they always ask I said that it was about 1,000, I also herniated 3 discs. It was sooo much fun going to the hospital, again. The nurses were surprised to see me back so soon.  The thing that I'm wondering is how do afford to be able to go to the chiropractor? I'm on disability and I've never been able to get any help with the insurance issue?                                                             Thanks, Eric

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