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castor oil pack and alternative treatments

After visiting a reflexologist we have been given the following advice.
To use a castor oil pack for 2 hours each day
To take Choline & inositol daily
To mega dose with vitamin c
To take Magnesium daily
To take Ginko daily
This is in addition to Omega 369 fatty acids, B12, Folic acid, Zinc, and Vitamin E

any comments?


Hi Kim,

I found some great information earlier this same year and posted a good portion of it in a topic thread back in July.

It is in the section of Surgery Issues & Alternatives

Titled: Epilepsy Treatment Plan

Here's the website I copied when I just went to relocate it...

Bruce (link guy)

Disabled American Veteran

If you are interested
CHeck out

Will has had a castor oil pack over his abdomen for 1 to 2 hours ~5 days a week for ~ 8 weeks now. There has been a dramatic decrease in his seizure activity...

grez-monkey has come up with alot of good advice. I am glad he was able to help. I do not think it was coinsidence at all.

I am glad he is doing better!


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