cannabis a cure for epilepsy

GW Pharma’s cannabis based epileptic drug on its way
by Jack123 October 22, 2012

22 october 2012 ; GW Pharmaceuticals, a drug manufacturing Biotech Company has been found to provide a significant and promising medication for treatment of epilepsy based on cannabis. This drug company has already commercialized its cannabis-based medication for treatment of multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The recent novel research studies carried out in animals has shown that cannabidivarin, a natural compound present in cannabis had the potential to suppress seizures in a wide range of research models afflicted with the detrimental epileptic condition. Ben Whalley, the lead researcher of the study said that the current study has proved to be an existing and a breakthrough investigation of the research group as it showed the involvement of the non-psychoactive constituents of the cannabis as an effective and a significant clinical option for treatment of the delirious epileptic illness. He also added that the current world is demanding for better clinical measures to cure epilepsy as these clinical needs are being unmet for many years. This clinical disorder is regarded to be associated with no treatment option and the available treatment options prove futile in more than one third of the people afflicted with this condition along with resulting in serious health complications as well as enhancing the cases of mortality. The common side effects of these anti-epileptic drugs those are usually prescribed to get rid of this detrimental health condition affect the cognitive as well as mental abilities in the patients.

This drug has also been found to work in conjugation with other clinical therapies and do not cause any clinical effect related to the primary metabolite of the cannabis. Jack is a Medical Student and a freelancer who is specialized in writing. He is associate with many Pharmacies for whom he writes articles based on generic drugs and general health related issues.

heck they could have called me... i would have given them this info for free.. Things are changing folks... marijuana does help seizures in some people.. Doesn't matter if your 6 or sixty i've seen the miracles with this harmless plant keep it green as a bullfrog and sticky as glue....marty aka xgi


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Love it.. I have epilepsy and I smoke pot everyday. I still have plenty of seizures, BUT it does help a lot after the seizure. I have a headache, its hard to sleep, blah blah blah... Just imagine the worst hangover with a tongue that'll be sore for a week or two.. My cure for hangover is marijuana so I made marijuana my cure for what I guess is a epileptic hangover.

news cannabis can help seizures
Case Report: Inhaled Cannabis Controls Convulsions In Epileptics
San Francisco, CA: Cannabis inhalation is associated with significantly reduced incidences of convulsions in a pair of epileptic patients, according to a forthcoming case report in the journal Epilepsy & Behavior.

Investigators at the University of California, Epilepsy Center summarized the cannabis use history of a 43-year-old subject and a 60-year-old subject, both of whom suffered from severe epileptic seizures.

In the first subject, cannabis inhalation reportedly reduced the frequency of nighttime seizures from an average of five-to-six per evening to an average of one-to-two. After the subject ceased using cannabis, the subject experienced ten evening seizures. Following dosing with oral cannabis, the subject subsequently reported only a single nighttime seizure.

The second subject reported inhaling six-to-eight cannabis cigarettes daily. Upon cessation of his cannabis use, the subject experienced five seizures in a 12-hour period.

Neither subject responded favorably to conventional anticonvulsant treatments.

Authors concluded, "These cases ... suggest that, for at least a subset of patients with focal epilepsy, marijuana use may provide an anticonvulsant effect. We believe this possibility warrants further study."

To date, only two small double-blinded placebo-controlled studies are available in the scientific literature assessing the use of cannabinoids in patients with epilepsy. In both studies, the subjects received daily doses of oral cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis. In one study, CBD administration over a 30-day period was associated with a significant reduction in convulsions in 7 out of 8 patients. However, a second study reported no significant change in seizure frequency among epileptic subjects.

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When are they going to make medicinal marijuana LEGAL in the U.S.?  Even CA, where medicinial marijuana is legal, its illegal until after you obtain it and start growing it, in a limitit quantity, for yourself.  My epileptologist told me he'd prescribe it for some of his patients, if it were legal.  Then he explained the law; which doesn't make any sense.  Perhaps other countries have the law a little easier to follow.  Is it a U.S. Federal law that makes it illegal even though my state says its not?  I herad a talk radio show say the same thing, so he must be correct.

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crazy isn't it... here's another tid bit for you to really blow your mind.. Our goverment the same ones that raid and torture otherwise law abiding folks has a medical marijuana program still running today .. So the feds say it's illegal but they have their own program since around 1974 .. one patient still today gets 300 joints rolled up real nice every month

things are changing though the supreme court is suppose to take on the feds over the medical uses of marijuana soon washington and colarado just made it legal across the board to anyone over 21... soon grasshopper soon

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Hi xgi,
I just watched your film.  Since the FDA already has a patent on it with a very long name, couldn't this name (or another they'd like to give it) seem like any other AED?  In fact, this looks like a goldmine for the pharmaecutical industry!  There is no excuse for this type of treatment.  Your son is only trying to stay alive!  I hope that we, and other foundations as well, can work together to inform others to help your son.  Thank God you found a 'miracle drug' for him.
Merry Christmas,
T. Cameron