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Borage oil or GLA alternatives?

Asside from TLE I also have Sjogren's Syndrome which is a autoimmune disease of the glands. It bassically means that I am chronic dry.

I always take fish oil without problems, but the last two months I took one that also contained GLA in the form of Borage oil. I had a couple of small seizures, and I think the borage oil contributed to that. I had no idea it could lower the seizure threshold, but I have learned my lesson now.

The thing is it did help a LOT with my Sjogren's (which in my daily life is a far bigger problem than my epilepsy). Ofcourse I wold never take anything that I know causes seizures, but I was hoping that maybe someone had any experience with a GLA-alternative that is safe for epilepsy?


Borage oil, GLA, and fish oil suppliments on Wikipedia.  Can't find it.  Need more information.  Still, I'm stopping my fish oil suppliment to find out if it makes a difference in my seizures. 

Omega 3 and regular fish oil should be safe and helpfull.

Thank you!!

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