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Amino acid L-Glutamine

Has anyone had experience with taking the amino acid L-Glutamine? I have seen it advertised as a muscle building supplement but it is also quoted as having benefits for epilepsy. But I always thought it was important to have a balance of amino acids to form a complete protein and to have good health.


I know this is a late response but I lift weights 5 days a week and I take a lot of Glutamine, about 20 Grams a day, split throughout the day. L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid.  Also,

 I don't know the benefits of an L-Glutamine supplement in regards to epilepsy.  You should post some links that show evidence of the benefits so that others can read about it.  That would be cool.  

 I personally believe that lifting weights helps my epilepsy.  I think that for me, it helps build a better connection between my nervous system and body.  I haven't noticed any downside to lifting weights and being epileptic.  

 L-Glutamine not only helps repair tired muscle and injury but also boosts the immune system and we can all use that!  




I have tried to find evidence that links glutamine to epilepsy treatment. But it only comes in the form of claims made by supplement  sellers. However, I heard in a lecture from the Seizures and Epilepsy Education Program that exercise can raise the seizure threshhold. Most people tell me not to focus so much on individual amino acids because we need all of them to repair muscle. And I believe that people who exercise can deal with stress better. So for me that equals less seizures. Good endorphin effect too. I do hiking, weight training, swimming, gardening, and biking. My work involves helping people with disabilities and it sometimes involves lifting them.

I agree with you about all those benefits with exercise.  Even if there is no proof, exercise alone improves my mood and if my mood is better I feel better all around and that definitely affects my epilepsy in a good way. 


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