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Alternative remedies for seizures

My 21 year old son had simple and partial complext seizures from age 3 to 13, took meds (the 4th one, Lamictol, worked) until age 15 when he weaned off after 2 years seizure free. After surgery at 18, he had a grand mal. He did not go back on meds, but now at age 21 he has started having myoclonic jerks that generalize to a grand mal about half the time. All episodes are in the morning.

He tried Lamictol again, twice, and both times got a rash after only one dose. He tried Depacote (he called it "derpacote") and hated his inability to think and do computer work while on it. He did a 7 day video eeg and had not a single seizure despite sleep deprivation and alcohol use! They sent him home with an Rx for VIMPAT. Yesterday, another week later, he had another myoclonic/grand mal that ended in vomiting and a migraine. He started the VIMPAT, but is furious to find he already can't think and feels depressed and irritable. He wants to go med free and try acupuncture and nutrition counseling and other naturapathic paths. Has anyone had luck with alternative medicine for epilepsy? I suppose if you had, you might not be online reading! but I would love to hear from you...


Hi there, yes I am attempting to reduce meds using natural means.  I'm on Tegretol Retard (thats the name of the slow release version in europe)600 b/d and last september also on Keppra 2750 daily.  I have managed to get down to 1500 daily of Keppra by using 4000mg Taurine, its an amino acid becoming increasingly know for its anti-convulsant effects, the recommeded dose is 43g per kilo but recent research suggests a lot more can be taken so there is some wriggle room.  Its being tested for epilepsy by a pharma company under a batch name for use in a new drug, but in Europe it can be bought in regular health shops.  I am also taking Magnesium oil, I rub it into my skin morning and night, this is a natural ant-convulsant that is depleted by AED's.  Other natural anti-convulsants are Vit B complex, Vit e, Vit D, Selenium, manganese, all of these are depleted by AED's.  I started taking Spirulina powder about 6 weeks ago and it is having a dramatic effect on my health and energy, not sure yet if it is helping with seizures but I think it is, the aim was that in using it my body would be more efficient, thus, less meds needed.  Exercise was one of the things that started triggering seizures for me about 6 years ago and this has definetely been helped by spiulina.  It is an algae that can be taken in powder or tablet form, make sure if your son uses it that he gets a brand that checks the water its grown in regularly for toxins, most producers grow it in special ponds but some take it from the sea where it is harder to control impurities.  It has definately helped me with other neurological symptoms caused by vascular malformations.  Ionised water helps some people and I will start on this in about a month once I get an idea of the spiulina effect on seizures, the ionising machines can be expensive but can be made at home for a fraction of the price, this is what I have done, for now I'm just drinking filtered water out of it but I've tested it and it works well as an ioniser.  I've also heard of a product called Epistill, which is a herbal tincture made up of four herbs, it seems to work dramatically for some but I have a sense that its effect is temporary, one woman I read was finding it didn't work for her orally, she started rubbing it into her feet at night, she used to have morning seizures,they disappeared with Epistill.  Some suggest using the herbs in it seperately and alternating them every 6 weeks to get sustained effect, you'll find the ingredients if you do a search, one of the herbs is Valerian, onother is Skullcap, we don't get Epistill in europe but the herbs are available to make it.  Hope some of this helps and I hope you can find something to help your son, I know only too well the frustration of side effects of AED's, its bad enough having epilepsy without having to deal with everything else the meds give you as well, blessings x    

I wish you the best in your search. I want to tell you that you aren't alone in experiencing an eeg with no showing of epilepsy. Yes, even the full on video eeg, though I didn't get any booze with mine!

I have searched for alternative remedies as well. The side effects of aed's are terrible. It is so very frustrating being giving remedies that are supposed to work and then experience worse symptoms.

The one I am currently researching is the ketogenic diet. This have helped many people experiencing epilepsy.

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