Technical Initiatives

Hi All!
We wanted to post a discussion about where we stand on updates to from a technical perspective. I will aim to do so below and then keep this updated as the situation changes, new items are rolled out, and other items arise.
As of Monday, 11/26, there are two tasks at the forefront that we are working on: Find People Like Me and Look Who's Talking. These I consider our "First Tier" issues to address:

  • Find People Like Me is a tool here in the Community where you can search for other members based on interests, age, location, epilepsy therapies, and more. This search goes through every member of the website (over 23,000) and is currently pretty slow. As such over the holiday weekend we temporarily disabled the tool so that it would not impact performance on the rest of the website. Our team is working on an update to speed this up and bring it back ASAP.
  • Look Who's Talking is a feature that you probably haven't seen yet! The idea is that as you travel throughout the site, you will be presented with content that is related to the page you are on - blogs, forum posts, people stories, articles, pages, multimedia, etc. Like Find People Like Me, this is a very process-heavy application which we have currently disabled. We are working on methods to make this as "lean and flexible" as possible to display on the webpages.

The "Second Tier" of updates are all about improving your experience on the site. Some users are experiencing a very slow, while others have noticed specific problems with the way the site is structured (ie one user requested that the blogs be alphabetized by username rather than title). Also in this category are the bugs listed in the "Bug Reporting" discussion in this Group. We are actively working on these issues to make the site as user-friendly as possible! Please continue to post any bugs that you come across in the "Bug Reporting" thread so that we can keep a record and let you know when they are complete.
Finally, we are continuing to work on smaller updates and items labeled as "it would be nice if ...". Updates in this category are not bugs that impact usage of but would make the overall user experience better.
I hope this update helps!


Thanks very much for the update!

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More updates

Hi All, a quick update on more technical initiatives. We are working on some of the JavaScript on to try and make page loads a bit more seamless.

Some users have reported a problem with the Flash players and some instances of the controls being cut off. Adobe has reported this ( and we are making updates on our end with regard to the SSL and domains to improve the consistency here.

Over the past few days Firefox users occasionally received a "Could not redirect" message on their screen. Firefox issued a new release yesterday ( which cleared this up for some users. If anyone still has trouble, please post here.

We are also looking at ways of offsetting the load of some features without impacting site usability or the functionality itself. This may impact pop-ups, previews, etc. More details to follow on those options.

Find People Like Me is live

Back online - sorry for the delay!

11/29 Updates

Hi All,

Today the Flash video issue happening on the logged-in site was resolved after a major patch reported by Adobe. Logged-in users who had problems seeing the whole videos, no controls, etc should be fixed. Please let us know if you experience anything otherwise!!

Also the Epilepsy Therapy Project Leadership videos now rotate -- there are 6 videos in all! Be sure to check them out.

We also added a new block to the right column of most pages on the site. This will likely only be live for a week or so - we are asking visitors to answer a few questions about their operating system, browser, connection, and the speed at which they are experiencing Please vote! We need more data about how everyone loads the site.

More updates soon.