Running For Epilepsy

Hello everyone. Boy it has been quite a while since I've been on here. I
am going to be running a 200 mile relay race starting this Friday. I
was wondering for next year if anybody would want to join me in forming a
new running team that would be for individuals with epilepsy?   Have to have from 4 to 12 people on a team.  Yes it
is not cheap, but it is fun.  Send me a message if you or someone you
know would like to do this.  This would raise awareness for epilepsy.
Have a nice labor day.


Re: Running For Epilepsy

i don't know where you are/ if your in san antonio texas then yes im interested. im on g+ @ reachcathey. /what about the rock n roll marathon next year here, get epilepsy foundation team listed, the race is for charity already. instead of having to do the whole event/route permits from the city etc./get team on theirs.