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I was in a relationship with someone that after a while did not handle my epilepsy well. After being out one night and having several complications this person just stopped talking to me, online, on the phone, in person. He would run if he saw me. Finally about two weeks I said hi to him in person. He tried to add me back to facebook after I deleted him but I wouldnt accept because he was still running from me in person. But two weeks ago after I said hi and he responded he tried again so I acepted to try things, we wont be dating again....but we have been friends almost our entire lives. If you want to get technical which he did not, he had past issues from childhood we dated aproximatly 1 year


I have 3 other friends with epilepsy been broken up with because of it. Two people dated their boyfriend/girlfriend  for 3-9 months... Ones girlfriend just broke up with hm a few weeks ago and in the same sentance shes aying lets be friends and I want to kiss another guy...


I also have one good friend that was with the same girl for 5 years, they even had a baby together and as soon as he was diagnosed with epilepsy (he was in a bad car accident,of of his brothers and his dad died), very soon afterhe was diagnosed with epilepsy (scar tissue in the brain) she left him.


I have heard of other cases but they are not people this close to me so I dont know the story exactly...this is a pattern....does anyone else have or know of the same  or simmilar expeiriences or can they give me a little insight on this...yes epilepsy can be a little scary, but we need support, not the people closest to us to walk away

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