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ok then,take responsabilaty.if youve been here awhile,notice dundee is gone.he has requested all his posts be gone then already

from dundee to whomever runs the site

ok,you now have had it your way.i ask you remove each and every post under the nickname Dundee due to lack of cooperation when somebody such as myself were harmed durring seizures.ide say a thing or two about how medic alert was ignored too many times but i now let it pass.its time you removed any and all posts by the person who you called dundee.

sorry if it disapoints people,but i thought he carried alot of help,education and support before he was blocked from here long ago.maybe i was wrong since people whom ran the site didnt think so though i still see one specific post against the can keep it here because it aint dundee putting himself out,it was his very own mayor who did this durring a court battle which he won.spec ifics though are now and here.TAKE RESPONSABILITY LIKE YOUR TOLD TO.most posts are anonymouse and some arent but remove them already if he was a such a wrongful man.moderator and admins can know now that this wont be it if you only remove this one post.there are networks out there and excuse me if i yet used them only for educational reasons.

if things like dundees reply to your email bother you,then lift the name and lift the posts off your site for good already.because i think theres still a point to be proven here.and that-you never told me about.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

and warren,if i realized where you worked,i would have mentioned---your working with a friend of mine--if i knew this back in december i would have ask that you prove things before being too quick to judge.
was your reasoning apropriat now patty?
i bet i can make certain calls and get in touch with a few,youd be surprised that everything i said back then was the gods honest truth!and of all people or "partners" i think she was really heated about the beating in where she moved from to you.
or was it patty that was partners?
if you really founded the site for support then youd do it to help the community.wouldnt it be somethin if you found out there wasnt a single lie in the treatment that just about killed me.
you should think now while i gather more intel.the woman sure inspired me, once in MA,years in PENN,and now i hear shes off to Boston.theres no doubt shell tell you a thing or two about my horrific incidents.
so now its your decision.i have years to contact her and tell her of you people.tis your site,so ill back off now before finding others i may know.
you never even gave up your "legit"excuse yet for the ban  tell us why now patty.i never had any feuds with you,that doesnt mean i dont have the intel to master my own website based on members whom you did away with in the past over simaler things,.ide hate to go that far,cause its warren that seems to hideout alot.

From: Patty Shafer Tto: Dundee 
Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 5:13:53 PM
Subject: RE: i must say-thanks for said a week..

Hi everyone,

This is person we banned in December and had very appropriate reasoning. I had also talked to police in his town and verified our concerns. Per our prior conversations, I have not responded to him when he sends me these emails. After reading this email, please let me know if you want any other course of action.



Why was he banned in December 2009?  You said you contacted police in his town and asked what?  Do you honestly think they would voluntary admit to mistreating a person having a seizure?


it was more like one of those who were held at bay in a courtroom due to dundee vs them came on under a nickname in order to slander the fellow person with epilepsy.thats when dundee was banned for no reason what so ever and never even given any information in case it was from his mayor,or officer in trouble for what happened durring that seizure.

                   till his name is gone----he will stay and report each post he made in the past since they say the posts were the entire reason.thought most posts were very educational and famouse.who else would find camps for kids with epilepsy,or the best referrals in the country.ide say many people did support each other and i want you to continue to do so,i just should have been given a reason seven years ago in my opinion.

any advocate who reads between the lines onthe post two posts upwards marked "Take Responsapilaty" by a different person probly by someone whom works within my hometown,should read between the lines and make your judge ments.SPEAK UP!AS THEY ALWAYS SAID!what may be between the lines that got the man booted as his posts dispersed?lets read between the lines and let the advocates make a choice


              """People have to be responsible and accountable for their own actions and if they can't guess's up to the persons family or other support/social services not to mention they shouldn't be in public by themselves to begin with. Don't expect the police to be the babysitters of society and don't put the burden of your disability on the general public. It's not their issue! AND DON'T USE your disability as an excuse for your poor choices or judgements""""

                EVEN STATES ""take your like in your own hands and whom to blame?noone!"""

              so if you ever had an unconcious run in with police whom beat the crap out of you while unconcious then just rip medic alert off your neck as a coverup.jail you and impersonate a good fellow officer.remember what would happen if you try to gain support here.

I was wondering about that.  Police are there to PROTECT AND SERVE.  It is hard to feel comfortable walking around in your town (since you cannot drive) and being scared your going to have a seizure and then be attacked by police AGAIN if it happened in the past.  We all know stress can induce seizures, seizures increase the risk of a confrontation with law enforcement vicious circle.

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