Epilepsy Awareness

There seems to be very little funding and support for Epilepsy. I just want to know is this condition not as important as the medical conditions out there in the world. Wear Purple to spread Epilepsy awareness. Buy T- Shirts and jewelry with the color purple. Educate others about Epilepsy and help them realize the types of battles that we all go through on a daily basis. Make them realize not to be scared of seizures. Show yourself and everyone else how much you love and appreciate yourself. How you have come to terms with this condition and has accepted it. Epilepsy has made everyone a stronger person deep inside in some way. Be strong. Spread the love. Spread the support. Love it, don't fear it. We all are gangsters. Hold your head up high. Hope for a cure. EPILEPSY POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!