Is it safe to do LSD if you have epilepsy?

First off, please do not judge me based off of this title. Of course I know "drugs are bad". I do not do drugs. However I do drink about 3 times a month and I smoke. I'm a 22 year old college student and I am going through the what I guess you could say "experimental phase". I tried shrooms for the 1st time this past weekend. There were no negative side effects. I have grand mal seizures and have had them for 10years now. I ammo not plan to do them again but I was considering trying LSD one time as well. I've been looking up whether or not it is safe or not for people with epilepsy and what I have found has been mixed. Some say it's safe and others say it is not. I expected for people to say it wasn't because...well it's a drug after all. I am curious as to if anyone has tried this before? Again, if you just have criticism to give, please refrain. I thought about asking my neuro but I have a feeling she will just lecture me. Feedback please?


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OMG! Aren't seizures enough of a trip? I was so doped up with Dilantin as a teen that I didn't have any (physical) tolerence or interest in recreational drugs!

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Re: Is it safe to do LSD if you have epilepsy?

I smoked weed a lot in high school and have done mushrooms. Those are both natural though. Seizures def ate not the same as a trip. Just because you were uncomfortable doing them doesn't affect me.

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Yeah, you know what else is natural?
Hemlock. Sharks. Tsunamis. Uranium.
"Natural" has nothing to do with it.
And in answer to the main question, I have no idea, but I'd like to know what happens if you try it. I've only ever been drunk with my epilepsy.

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No You're just an idiot who's brain washed. You have no evidence eaither way to prove weather this person should do something or not. IF the television told you not to eat bananas because they can cause arthriotious and no one knew until now You'd believe it...


When people post these they want peope who have done it. NOT people who hang out work watch tv or w.e they want people who KNOW something about it not people who have been TOLD something about it. You're ignorent to not realize that

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Hey Octo

You need not come down on someone for posting what they believe or have gone thru.

Now for your information I am from the generation that started LSD. I also had friends that used it. It is just too bad that you were not around to watch your friends get burried after taking LSD or over dosing on it or other drugs. Now don't get me wrong U have used MJ but I also watched where it came from and the people who got it so I knew hwat it was that they or we had. If I heard it was dusted I would not use it because I was not going to take a chance of what it was dusted with. I had too many friends die by not usine common sense. I also wanted to live my live and help others. I will post my answer to this persons post but I also wanted you to knw I did not appreciate what your post does to the person that just answered the post.

SO Electo don'r be posting in here unless you have epilepsy and want to HELP answer the posters question. If a person has a more conservative view they could have been rised that way .I was and have been more conservative but does that mean I have no liberal views?

Unless you have walked in our shoes do not go where we have been. You see I have been living and dealing with epilepsy probably longer then you have been alive

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Interesting question. Before I was diagnosed I had many hallucinations on a very regular basis due to my epilepsy being uncontrolled. So, hallucinogenics interested me a great deal. I actually wrote my uni dissertation on the effects of hallucinogenics on the brain. I experimented with just about every hallucinogen I could get my hands on, legal and illegal (I must retrospect condemn use of illegal drugs as it could get you into a lot of trouble - it is also inadvisable to use any drug in conjunction with prescribed medication without consulting your doctor.) I did not notice any discernible effects upon my organic hallucinations or other epileptic symptoms from the use of chemical hallucinogens. The use of a hypnogocic device however sent me into a seizure. There are very few research papers upon the use of hallucinogens by epileptics, so it is impossible to say whether or not it is safe. Any professional would counsel you to err on the side of caution and to abstain from drug experimentation. If you decide to use hallucinogens again ensure you have adults around you NOT using any drugs or alcohol who can quickly respond to any medical or other emergency problems. People with anxiety, depression or any other mental illnesses should NEVER use hallucinogens without a medical personal present in a controlled and stable environment. I repeat my earlier comment; it is inadvisable to use any drug in conjunction with prescribed medication without consulting your doctor.

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Being a Neurodiagnostic Tech. and also a Seizure Patient , I've seen a lot of interesting patients.  One beautiful person I spoke to before giving the test told me of her out reach on life.  She had tried MJ, but it wasn't for her.  She tried mushrooms for final week and didn't like it.  When she flew to France she trie LSD.  Her life changed.  She started to have Grand Mal seizures.  When I saw her scars on her body, I could see injury.  When I saw her EEG, there was evidence of generalized focus on her brain.  She never had that before. If it can prevented, prevent it.  This is like taking a horse to water and asking the horse to drink it.

My friend is not living anymore.  She was a beautiful person.  You have choices.  Their is interesting food tastes out there.  I love the challenge of running.  It is fantastic to go one more mile or go to the top of a peak of a hill of mountain and see the view.  It doesn't cost a life!

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Safe isn't the right word here. Everyone will have different reactions to LSD depending on their type of epilepsy and AED combination.

That said, I have JME with myoclonic and grand-mal seizures, I average 1 fit a year without drugs, virtually none on valproic acid. I have never had an issue with illicit drugs. Only alcohol.

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Let's just say I've done some fun shit more than enough times in mylife and I feel even better. So Do what you want and what makes you happy with safe fun surroundings people you know and love. AS long as you're not dumb about it I think You'll be just fine. ;) 



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OK I will not judge. I too was in my 20's and did a lot of crazy things. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 13. ao at 22 I knew a lot about what cause my seizures and that taking other medications can effect the medication I was taking so I tried to keep those thing out of my body. Not because I didn't want to try them but because I also knew that if they entered my body they would effect the medications I was taking to control my seizures. MJ I used from timr to time but I also limited that too. Drinking was a little different.  I could and did out drink my brother and he was in NAM and could drink like a sive. I alsolimited that drinking to when I was at home or with close friends. As for partying and clubing I had friends and believe me we closed the bars or clubs. The differance was I would limit my drinks to 1 maybe 2 in a 6 hour period. That does not mean I didn't have a drink in my hand it just meant that I limited the alcohol to 1-2 drinks all the others would be shirley Temples. They looked like everybody elses but had no alcohol. The same with beer. Oh and there are some beers that have very good taste but no alcohol. In other words I had 1=3 friends that knew what I was drinking and the bar tenders did too but nobody else did.

 As for the LSD I was in the generation that created it. I also had friends take it that got burried after using it.

All I can say is use a little common sense and think before acting. It is your body and mind. You already have 1 problem with your brain do you really think adding another will be benifical?

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I will not judge.  However, please remember that even if you've tried it before and it didn't hurt you, that doesn't mean it won't again.  Any illicit drug can have this effect because it isnt FDA approved or regulated.  This makes it extremely risky.  You have no idea how much you're getting from one dose to the next.  One dose might be filled with street paint, lead, or baby powder.  With no regulations, no one knows how much of what you're truely getting.  Does that seem safe to you?




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skip it, it causes freakish flashbacks-these are hallucinations like those experienced while high on LSD but the flashback occurs when you are not high on LSD- feels like your skin is crawling, sometimes years after it was last used. never at a good time either and brain fog. my folks wonder if it was my drug use that caused the epilepsy but it wasn't i had seizures before i used they thought i just had a tic or was daydreaming.also the stuff you may have heard about people trying to fly and jumping off of roof tops or out of windows are true unfortunately. the thing that you won't usually get are what are the actual ingredients used where did the dealer get these let alone what will that do to your body not just your brain, your liver,the chemicals are toxic and harmful to your liver.the dealer just wants your money. then have you considered that you are risking going to prison to maybe get high cause you could get arrested when you go to get it. try surfing or halfpipe skateboarding or snowboarding or sex. instead they're a serious rush that you'll enjoy and won't risk prison . LSD will likely make the epilepsy worse.

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