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Dilantin for epilepsy vs fictional Limitless (2011) movie, NZT-48 med

Raising awareness about the epilepsy medicine, Dilantin, and other medicines which work for epilepsy.

How do effective medicines for epilepsy impact cognition, perception, sustained attention, the ability to focus, etc.


Med for epilepsy (Dilantin) vs Limitless (2011) movie (NZT-48)

Anyone seen the 2011 movie, Limitless, a fictional story about a fictional medicine called NZT-48?

If you are using a medicine for epilepsy and it works for you, how would you compare your
change to that shown in the movie Limitless? The fictional movie is about extreme, positive changes
which occur extremely rapidly.

The fictional movie Limitless (2011) shows large changes in perception, cognition, and the ability to focus

By the way, the only known account I am aware
of involving a medicine for epilepsy and an extremely positive experience is a book written about
the epilepsy medicine, Dilantin, titled A Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked [Dilantin] by
Jack Dreyfus.

Also, in order to understand aspects of the movie, Limitless (2011), it is necessary to listen to the
director's commentary on the DVD and to see the alternative ending (my view); if a person
sees the original movie without the alternative ending and the director's in depth commentary, the
big picture given in the movie, Limitless, may be completely missed.

Limitless (2011) movie:

Limitless is a 2011 American mystery thriller film directed by Neil Burger and starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, and Robert De Niro. It is based on the 2001 novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn with the screenplay by Leslie Dixon. - Wikipedia




Memento (2000) movie about memory (another fictional movie)
Awakenings (1990) movie about L-Dopa (a real medicine based on a true story)


My guess is that medicines like fictional NZT-48 will be developed, sooner or later, by humankind; however, they will only
work for some humans (not all) and that it may take 100 years (from the year 2011) for neuroscience to figure it out (Wright Brothers - Kitty Hawk - 1903 vs Apollo 11 - Moon - 1969 = 66 years).

Can any of the many ideas expressed in the fictional movie, Limitless (2011), apply to and be of potential benefit to the world of epilepsy?

Please share your many ideas about the above - your experiences with epilepsy medicines which work for you.

Limitless (2011) = Fiction vs Reality (Obama White House/Obamacare/Emphasis on Childhood Obesity)

Thank you.


Yes I can relate to this. Med prescribed: Lamictal. Experience: altered (enhanced) cognition and perception.

Vmac - Thanks for sharing that Lamictal, for you, causes enhanced cognition and perception. Can you elaborate a little? How does Lamictal affect vision, hearing, consciousness, attention span, etc. Thanks. - pgd

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