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Hi all,

I've have had epilepsy, since I was 13 months old. I had had a high tempritue. as time moved on my epilepsy changed. Now at the age of 35 soon to be. it has become more and more different than ever before.

When I was a girl, my left side went into spazam and shack everytime i had a fit. i couldnt feel it. now it shacks every day and i cannot control it what do io do/

People look at me


Hi Butter

I would suggest you contacting your neuro and discussing this issue with him/her.

You may need to have your medication dossage increased or if you have been on to long and it may need another med to work with it. Or even a change of medication may be required.

I know because I have had issues regarding seizures. After being on a medication for a long period of time your body gets used to it. I had some medicines which had to be changed because the medication was toxic in my system after taking it for 30 years. It happens with many medications. I need ampicillon now because penecilon will not work due to taking it more throughout the years.

Thank you for your surppot

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