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Possible Pregnancy and Lamotrigine

I may be pregnant because I missed my period but it is too early at this point to take an over the counter pregnancy test and expect accurate results. I moved to a new city so I have not yet seen a neurologist here and it's been about two years since I saw my last neurologist. I have an appointment with one in my new city on September 11. This is the soonest I can see a neurologist on my current healthcare plan. I am debating whether to stop taking the Lamotrigine until I take an OTC pregnancy test and it comes back negative. Can the Lamotrigine have negative effects this early on in the pregnancy - the first month? I know this is really a question for a neurologist but any thoughts on whether I should stop taking the Lamotrigine for now? I have been seizure free since August 2011 so the Lamotrigine has controlled my seizures well. I have simple and complex partial seizures. 


I was on lamotrogine and keppra during my pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant before my missed period because I just had a feeling I was pregnant so I took a test. The day I found out I called my neurologist and she told me to still take the meds. I have simple partial seizures and took the drugs the whole time I was pregnant. I had to increase both dosages all thru the pregnancy and my seizures before pregnancy were under control but when I was about 3 months they got really bad. My dr said with most pregnancies seizures are actually better controlled when pregnant, what happened to me is something that very rarely happens. I def would not stop taking the meds completely. Its better to be on one medication while you are pregnant so you are lucky you are only on one. The only complications that are serious from lamotrogine are cleft lip and/or palette. My daughter came out completely healthy at 9 lbs 2 oz so don't worry about anything and follow the drs orders with your meds. Its better to have seizure control while pregnant. You don't wanna have a seizure while driving or fall and miscarry. Good luck if you are pregnant. It is scary when you are taking meds while pregnant and I was scared the whole time but I'm sure everything will turn out ok. I would also find a neurologist asap cuz you might have to go thru a couple until you find a dr that you like. Good luck!

I wouldn't stop it until you talk to a doctor, it's a big decision that should be made with a neurologist. You could be more susceptible to seizures now, pregnancy does a lot of crazy things to your body. There are scary studies out there about the affects of AED's on the fetus, but the chances of harm are still relatively low and the odds are in your favor. Can you get into a OB sooner? Although not a neurologist, he or she might have some comforting words for you. I was on Carbazepine and Keppra all through my pregnancy and have a healthy little guy. I can't tell you not to worry because you will. But, just remember to take it one day at a time and realize that you can't control everything that can possibly happen. Think positive thoughts, stay as stress free as possible---and DON'T read scary things on the internet!!! Good luck, and congrats if you are pregnant :)

Oops, I meant to reply to the OP. Sorry.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I took a pregnancy test on Friday and it came back negative but I think that's only because it's far too soon for the hCG levels to be detectable in the home pregnany test. I'm going to test again this coming Friday.

I am taking 200 mg/day of Lamotrigine (the generic). My previously neurologist had mentioned that it's one of the safer medications for pregnancy but I'm still worried. I'm going to keep taking it for now though until my appointment with the neurologist on the 11th. Or if the next home pregnancy test comes out positive, I'll have to figure out how I might be able to get in to see either and OB or a neurologist sooner.

And you're right, I should stop reading articles on the internet that will only strike more fear into me. :-) 


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